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Millionth Mustang Sale 1966
1966 Million Mustang Sale was a promotion for early 1966 Mustangs of any body style or engine size which featured optional upgrades at a special price. All Mustangs of this sale included a personalized dash plate. Two other parts of this promotion included the Sprint 200 Limited Edition and Anniversary Gold Millionth Mustang hardtop.

Anniversary Gold Edition 1966
In 1966, rumors are that 50 special ordered Anniversary Gold Mustangs were built as part of the Millionth Mustang Anniversary, special order number 1111 and sent to dealerships across the nation. Of the few that have been found, the common features include that they are all hardtops and have C-code 289ci 2-barrel V8 engine, pony interior, steel styled wheels, and special Anniversary Gold paint.

Third Birthday Special 1967
In 1967, Canada had its own special Mustang commemorating the 3rd birthday of the Mustang. Sometimes called the Third Birthday Treat hardtop it came with louvered hood, white sidewall tires, one of three colors (Candyapple Red, Springtime Yellow, or Thunderbird Diamond Green), wheel lip moldings, knitted black vinyl interior, door edge guards, rocker panel trim, and deluxe wheel covers.

50th Anniversary 1975
50th Anniversary Mexican built coupe commemorating 50 years of Mexican built cars. These special cars have a dash plaque that says 1925-1975 Modelo Aniversario followed by an identification number. Similar Anniversary editions were offered on each Ford model built in Mexico.

20th Anniversary GT 1984
Ford produced a quantity of 5260, 20th Anniversary GTs in 1984. They were all painted Oxford White and have red interiors. They have the GT350 stripes on their rocker panels. You could get either the W-code 2.3L 4-cylinder turbo or the M-code 5.0L V8. Ford did not get Shelby's permission to use the "GT350" name and lost a suit with Shelby.

25th Anniversary Mustang 1989
Starting in mid-April and running through the late 1990 model year, Ford placed 25th anniversary, tri-bar pony badges on the passenger side dash of all LX and GT Mustangs. It certainly was not a limited edition run of cars, but we feel it does deserve mentioning in the special model section of the 1989 Mustang.

Spring Feature 25th Anniversary 7-up Convertible 1990
In 1990, 4103 of these Deep Emerald Green Mustang convertibles where made with white interiors, color match side molding (standard after 1992), 16-spoke wheels from the GT, the larger E-code V8 engine, and 25th anniversary commemorative badges. Sometimes called a Spring Feature Car because of its late 1990 model year introduction, or a 7-Up 25th Anniversary LX convertible Mustang because 30 of these were to be given away by the 7-UP Bottling Company as a promotional item. These cars actually started life at the Ford factory as coupes! They were converted to convertibles. The work was done by Car & Concepts in St. Louis, Missouri. The 7-Up contest never materialized.

25th Anniversary Mustang 1990
All Mustangs (LX or GT in all body styles) manufactured from mid-April 1989 to late 1990 production became 25th Anniversary Mustang models with the addition of a a 25th Anniversary dash badge. This includes some 1989 and most 1990 Mustangs. The badge is a tri-bar pony with the words "25 Years" on the passenger side dash. Since not all 1989 and 1990 Mustangs received this dash badge, we are are listing it here in the special model section.

Saleen 7up Mustang 1990
Only 12, 1990 Deep Emerald Green 7-Up Mustangs were converted to Saleens. These Saleen 7up Anniversary Mustangs actually started life at the ford factory as coupes even though their model code is still P44 for Mustang LX convertible.

35th Anniversary Limited Edition 1999
The Limited Edition 35th Anniversary 1999 Mustang GT was released with features available on the 2001 GT. These features included the 2001 raised hood scoop, side scoops and raised rear decklid spoiler. A total of 4,628 units were built. Of these, 2318 were coupes and 2310 were convertibles. They only came in red, black, silver, or white. They can be distinguished from normal GT by the raised hood scoop and internally by looking for the "35th Anniversary" logo on the instrument panel.

100th Anniversary 2003
With the 100th year celebration, Ford created a set of Centennial Edition vehicles. They were all painted black with Premium Verona-grain Imola leather seating surfaces in two-tone parchment and 100th Anniversary deck lid and side badges. In addition, the owner received a commemorative key chain and watch, and a copy of the book, "The Ford Century." The Mustang Centennial coupe and convertible were optioned with 17-inch premium alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes and traction control, dual exhaust, power driver's seat with power lumbar support, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and Mach 460 AM/FM Stereo with six-disc CD changer. 717 coupes and 1323 convertible Centennial Mustangs rolled off Ford's assembly lines in 2003.

SVT Cobra 10th Anniversary 2003
2003 was the 10th year the SVT Cobra was offered. This event was commemorated with the release of the Limited Edition 2003 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra. The limited edition modifications over the normal Cobra included: carbon fiber patterned leather on the top of the steering wheel, carbon fiber leather on the shifter and hand brake, red window switch bezels, red seats inserts, red painted brake calipers all the way around, and big 17x9 inch 10th Anniversary wheels.

40th Anniversary Trim Package 2004
All 2004 Mustangs came with the 40th Anniversary badges on their fenders. There was also a 40th Anniversary trim package which could be applied to the V6 or GT models. But only in the paint colors of Crimson Red, Black, or Oxford White. Additional 40th Anniversary Package features include: Arizona Beige (silver) dual hood and trunk stripes; matching rocker stripes; upgraded wheels; and a deluxe parchment interior with painted center console surrounds, metallic gray shifter bezel and door lock knobs, shift boot trim, and brushed aluminum pedals. The Crimson Red paint was exclusive to the 40th Anniversary Package.

Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition 2009
All standard 2009 V6 and GT Mustangs have 45th Anniversary fender badges making them essentially all Anniversary models. There is although a series of aftermarket customized coupes by California Galpin Ford, some prominent designers and metal fabricators, and Lee Iacocca called the Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. Introduced in late July of 2009 they have customized sunken headlights, custom grille, a regular or supercharged 4.6L V8, custom wheels, Ford Racing suspension, custom interior, and unique silver paint. 45 cars were customized this way.

50th Anniversary 2015
The 2015, 50th Anniversary Special Edition Mustang GT Coupe/Fastback is available in two exclusive exterior colors: Kona Blue or Wimbledon White. Just like the 1964 Mustang, Wimbledon White is an off white exterior paint, almost a cream color. Other features include special 50th Anniversary badges inside and out; chrome highlights for the grille, side glass and tri-bar tail lamps; louvered rear quarter-windows which are simulated with layers of glass; unique aluminum dash panel, cashmere-stitched, leather-wrapped steering wheel; similarly stitched instrument panel, shifter boot, center armrest, door inserts, seats, and floor mats; two-tone cashmere and black leather seats; and a Mustang 50 Year logo on the seat backs. The special edition comes standard with the Mustang GT performance pack which includes Brembo front brakes and Pirelli P-Zero tires. There are also 19-inch alloy wheels which are patterned off the steel styled sport wheels from 1964 through 1968; and a leather covered owners guide folder with 50th Anniversary badge.

Mustang 55 2020
The Mustang 55 is a special 55th anniversary package for the 5.0L and EcoBoost Mustang but only for Europe. It has unique exterior styling including distinctive bonnet and side-stripes, badging, and optional rear spoiler, and a high-specification interior.

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