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Magic Skyway Mustangs at MustangAttitude.com
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1964 With the introduction of the Mustang at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York, Walt Disney created a unique Magic Skyway ride at the Ford Motor Wonder Rotunda. They used real Mustang convertible on the ride! There were twelve 1964 Mustang convertible converted to run on the Magic Skyway track. Their VIN range was 5F08F100003 through 100014. The breakdown were: three Wimbledon White Mustangs (5F08F100006, 5F08F100007, and 5F08F100008); three Raven Black Mustangs (5F08F100003, 5F08F100004, 5F08F100005); three Guardsman Blue Mustangs (5F08F100009, 5F08F100010, 5F08F100011), and three Rangoon Red Mustangs (5F08F100012, 5F08F100013, 5F08F100014). These cars were later replaced with 1965 Mustangs and converted for resale to the public.
Magic Skyway Mustang
1965 Twelve 1965 Mustang convertibles were converted for use at the Magic Skyway at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York. These replaced the twelve original early production 1964 Mustangs. Their VIN breakdown was: three Wimbledon White Mustangs (5F08T383380, 5F08T383382, 5F08T383386); three Raven Black Mustangs (5F08T383378, 5F08T383381, 5F08T383384), three Caspian Blue Mustangs(5F08T383375, 5F08T383377, 5F08T383383); and three Poppy Red Mustangs(5F08T383376, 5F08T383379, 5F08T383385). The serial number 83 Mustang never made it to the ride.
Magic Skyway Mustang
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