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Orange Mustangs at MustangAttitude.com
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The first Orange Mustang was introduced the first year of Mustang production in 1964 as an orange shade of red called Poppy Red. Another early orange was also the first glow color: 1966 Emberglo. Most people think about Grabber Orange when they hear orange Mustang which was first introduced on the 1969 Shelby Mustang. There were 42 offerings of Orange paint in 25 of the 52 production years of the Mustang. Follow this link to see photos of all Orange Mustangs on this site.

Poppy Red 1964 Mustang

Emberglo 1966 Mustang

Grabber Orange 1969 Shelby Mustang

Orange Featured Mustangs

There were a few orange Mustang special models. These models were exclusively orange or came in special orange paint.

Madagascar Orange 1968-69 Rainbow of Colors Mustang

Not exclusively limited to orange, the Rainbow of colors was a 1968-69 West Coast promotion which allowed new Mustang owners to order a car in one of 13 special factory of colors which represented the colors in the rainbow. Some of these colors were Madagascar Orange, Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Hot Pink, Caribbean Coral, Forest Green, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green.

Special Orange 1968 Shelby GT500KR

Flower Power Red Orange 1968-1969 Rainbow of Colors

Flower Power Red Orange 1969 Limited Edition 600 Mustang

Flower Power Red Orange was a special red orange color WT5185 Ditzler60524 Dupont97249H which was used on several 1968 special painted Shelby Mustangs, the 1968-69 Rainbow of Colors West coast special promotional Mustangs, and the 1969 Limited Edition 600 Mustang. Color match experts call it as a version of Poppy Red or Competition Orange (Ford code M1730, PPG Ditzler 60449) but the PPG paint code is different. Is possible that M1730 was the production paint code of WT5185.

There were many Special Order Orange factory paints for the 1968 Shelby GT500KR as originally assembled and documented by Peter Disher of theCoralSnake.com. Besides Ford special paint code WT5185, there was WT5014 and WT5107. Here are all the codes.

Grabber Orange 1970 Twister Special

Offered only in Grabber Orange, the 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special was a promotional special model sold exclusively in the Kansas City area. The promotion was limited to 96 cars and all were Grabber Orange Mach 1 Mustangs with either the Super Cobra Jet Ram Air engine or the new 351ci Cleveland 4 valve V8 engine, Drag Pack suspension, a tornado decal on the rear fender with the words Twister Special, and all obviously for a special price.

Beryllium 2007 Saleen Mustang

Not offically a production Mustang color, Beryllium is one of several wild colors offered by Saleen in 2007. Hopefully it will be offered as a production color on Mustang's in the future.

Grabber Orange 2008 Twister Special

Again only offered in Grabber Orange, the 2008 Mustang GT Twister Special was built by R&A Motorsports; and was only offered in the Kansas City area just like the first 1970 Mach 1 Twister, Kansas City, Mustang promotion. The 2008 Twister was limited to 96 coupes and convertibles. Besides all the Twister graphics and badges, the modifications include Foose 20 inch wheels, shaker hood and hood scoop, duck wing spoiler, sequential tail lights, custom black top and rear deck panel, rear quarter window panels, and a tri-bar pony on the grille.

Competition Orange 2012 Boss 302

Competition Orange came back in 2012 but only on the Boss 302. The 2012 Boss 302 has a 444hp, 5.0L, V8; custom wheels; custom handling, and custom graphics. The extra power comes 302R technology: forged rotating assembly, CNC ported heads, and upgraded camshafts and intake. Competition Orange is a variant on the original 1964 Mustang Poppy Red.

Index to All Orange Mustangs

Below is a list of all years and shades of Orange Mustangs. There were 42 offerings of Orange paint in 25 of the 52 production years of the Mustang. Click on the text below any photo to see more cars of the year and color shown. Follow this link to see photos of all Orange Mustangs on this site.

To see other colors go to the color photo gallery index page.

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Poppy Red

Poppy Red


Signal Flare Red

Aspen Red
*special order
Caribbean Coral

Eastertime Coral

Flower Power Red

Madagascar Orange

Special Orange
*special order
Grabber Orange

Indian Fire Red

Calypso Coral

Caribbean Coral*
Flower Power Red*
Madagascar Orange*

Special Yellow
*special order
Grabber Orange

Calypso Coral

Medium Copper

Medium Copper (Chestnut)

Copper (Medium Chestnut)

1976 Medium Chestnut
Vista Orange

Bright Saddle

Medium Chestnut



Bright Bittersweet

Bright Caramel

Bittersweet Glow
Bright Bittersweet

Bittersweet Glow
Bright Bittersweet

Bright Tangerine

Competition Orange

Grabber Orange

Grabber Orange

Grabber Orange

Competition Orange

Competition Orange

2016 Competition Orange

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