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(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Here is a super rare Mustang. It's a Silver Jade 1969 Mustang E' fastback owned by Tim and Barb Wise from Springfield, Illinois. 96 of these were made for the Mobilgas Economy Run, but only 50 were ever sold. Tim tells us more, "My wife and I restored this car in our home garage. Six years in the making. Every nut and bolt came out and was restored or replaced. We did a concours build. Everything is totally correct as it left Ford. All work done in our home garage minus engine and trans rebuilds. Bodywork including paint all done at home."
(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) On the rear fender is the Mustang 'E' decal. Tim and Barb know a lot about the Mustang E. They provided the research for the Mustang E in our Mustang Special Editions book. This car was produced for the coast-to-coast Mobil Economy Run sponsored by the Mobil Oil Corporation and operated by the USAC (US Auto Club). It was a 6-day race for fuel efficiency (mostly) from Los Angeles to New York City. The Mustang E finished 3rd in 1968, after ending the race early in Indianapolis after the death of Martin Luther King Jr.
(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Here is an even closer close-up of the Mustang E decal.
(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) The heart of the Mustang E was this L-code 250ci 6-cylinder engine. The Mustang E also had the F-code (2.33) rear end, C4 automatic transmission, and a 1-inch larger torque converter. The cars did not have air conditioning.

Has viewer comments (from page 39 of the 1969 Collection) Mustang E was aimed at the Economy minded customer. This newspaper article was published in the November 17, 1968 edition of the Independent Press Telegram from Long Beach, California. The article takes many quotes from John Naughton, Ford's vice president and general manager. The article is very similar to those published in many other newspapers around the same time. John Naughton is quoted, "The new Mustang E' will meet the limited, but particular, requirements of customers who want sport car appearance and handling combined with outstanding economy. This new Mustang will provide up to 15 per cent greater fuel economy than Mustangs equipped with similar drivetrain components." It states that the economy is mostly due to the 2.33 rear end and larger than stock torque converter.
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