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The first Purple Mustangs was introduced in 1967 as a special order Evening Orchid and a rumored special order Lavender. There were 11 offerings of Purple paint in 8 of the 60 production years of the Mustang. Follow this link to see photos of all Purple Mustangs on this site.

Purple was last offered in 2023, as a color changing blue to purple paint named Mischievous Purple.

Evening Orchid 1967 She Country Special Mustang

Evening Orchid was one of 4 special order colors available for the 1967 She Country Special which was based on the Ski and High Country Specials and where only available at William Goodro Ford in Denver, Colorado. The color was either Ford production paint M3203-A as seen on Curly and Karens Purple Metallic 67 Mustang below, or the slightly darker shade of Ford special order paint WT9083. The other special order colors were Autumn Smoke, Bermuda Sand, and Limelight Green.

Lavender and Purple Metallic 1967 Territorial Special Promotional Mustang

The 1967 Lavender Territorial special promotional Mustang was rumored to be offered in the Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana area and called the Twister Special. We know a special Territorial Mustang in Lavender was offered in 1967, we are working on confirming the special promotional name, color name and actual shade. 1967 was the year with the most number of colors offered on a Mustang. This was in part due to each of the Mustang assembly plants (Dearborn MI, San Jose CA, Metuchen NY) having its own special color set and featured territorial Mustangs. The Denver High Country Special and Ski Country Special, the Texas Blue Bonnet Special, and this car are examples. The photograph shown above is Curly and Karen Long's Purple Metallic 1967 Mustang originally ordered in the Chicago area with a special order of "Fleet". At this time we are considering 1967 Purple Metallic as a different color than Lavender.

This is a part of a 1968-69 PPG/Ditzler supplemental bulletin which shows a Lavender special order paint which; although listed as a High Country Mustang color, we believe is a listing for the paint territorial special promotional Mustang. Another option is that this is a list includes the 1967 She Country Special Mustangs, but the other colors of Autumn Smoke, Bermuda Sand, and Limelight Green are not listed.

This is from the book "Mustang '64-1/2 - '86" by Tom Corcoran in 1993. It shows a listing for the 1967 Twister Special with the same PPG paint code.

Powerful Purple 1968 Rainbow of Colors

Powerfull Purple or Flower Orchid were the promotional names for the special order purple paint of the 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotion in the Salt Lake City area. The Ford special order paint code for this color is WT9083 or MX709461 which appears to have been only a special order paint since we have not found a standard M-code Ford manufacturing number or an offering on a standard make or model of the time period. This purple is a more blue shade compared to other special purple paint offered during the same time.

Special Order Purple 1969 Russ Davis Performance Special

At least one Mustang was ordered in this Special Order Purple, Ford code WT9083 or MX709454 by Russ Davis of Covina, California for what appears to be the start of offering a series of bright, special order paint, Mach 1 Mustangs. Russ Davis Ford was known for its involvement in racing, including having several drivers as salesman like Gas Ronda. This special order purple is a more red shade compared to the other special purple paint offered during that same time.

Extreme Rainbow 1997 Saleen Mustang

Extreme Rainbow is a color only offered on the 1997 Saleen Mustang. Depending on the lighting, this color changes from purple to blue.

Mystichrome 2004 Cobra Mustang

Mysti-chrome is a paint with special color shift ChromaFlair pigments. ChromaFlair light interference pigments came from Flex Products, Inc. in Santa Rosa, California. The paint shifts from a bright topaz that transitions to cobalt blue, then to royal purple, and finally into a deep onyx black as the viewing angle changes. The Mysti-Chrome package was over $4000 over a base Cobra. It included chrome wheels, the Mysti-Chrome paint, and Mysti-Chrome leather on the seats and steering wheel. The 1996 Mystic color was a different version of the paint. It transitioned through more of the color spectrum.

1965-75 Special Order Pink, Purple, Maroon Ford Paints

Source: 1972, Ford, Special Order Paint Selector - Fleet Colors paint chip book.

WT9301 WT9036 WT9012 WT9060
WT9083 WT9106 WT9302 WT9303
WT9037 WT9061 WT9061 WT9820
WT9810 WT9825

Purple Paint offerings by year

Below is a list of all years and shades of Purple Mustangs.

There were 11 offerings of Purple paint in 8 of the 60 production years of the Mustang.

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Evening Orchid*


Mischievous Purple

Mischievous Purple

Thumbnails of all Purple Mustangs

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