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The first production Pink Mustang was introduced in 1967 in two shades of special order pink: Dusk Rose and Playboy Pink. There were 8 offerings of Pink paint in 4 of the 60 production years of the Mustang. Follow this link to see photos of all Pink Mustangs on this site.

Dusk Rose 1967 Mustang

Playboy Pink 1967 Mustang

Most agree that the first special order Pink Mustang was the 1964 or 1965 convertible given to the 1964 Playboy playmate of the year. This was followed by groups of special order pink Mustangs in at least 3 shades of pink: a light pink (probably the original 1964/65 playmate Mustang and special order variants), Tussy Lip Stick (5 Tussy Cosmetic contest winner 1967 Mustangs each in one of 3 shades of pink), and Dusk Rose (rumored to be added to the Ford special order color list in at least 1966). The color code on the door data tag will be blank and the two digit DSO will be followed by a 4 digit special order number. The paint color shades/codes are just now being investigated by their owners. There is a lot of confusion out there on what shade of pink was used on each promotion and even which are 1967 Dusk Rose since Ford started putting the code paint code of S on the door data tag for Dusk Rose (production code M0835) mid 1967 which differentiated it from 1967 Playboy pink (special order WT9036). Earlier 1967, and before, pink Mustangs all have blank paint codes; and therefore, the confusion begins.

1964/65 Playmate of the Year Mustang

1967 Tussy Cosmetic Mustang

1967 Dole Pink Mustang Sweepstakes

In 1968, the Color of the Month national promotion featured special colors for the first 4 months of the year. Passionate Pink was offered in February to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was also brought back by some dealers in an Easter Collection of Colors April promotion along with the April Color of the Month, Eastertime Coral, and standard 1968 Mustang pastel colors of Seafoam Green, Meadowlark Yellow, and Diamond Blue. Easterime Coral is a pink shade of red or orange.

Passionate Pink 1968 Mustang

Eastertime Coral 1968 Mustang

Also in 1968 was the Rainbow of Colors West coast promotion which featured about 13 special paints including two pink shades: Hot Pink and Caribbean Coral. Hot Pink shared the same paint as Passionate Pink from the February Color of the Month featured color, while Caribbean Coral shared the same paint as Eastertime Coral from the March Color of the Month featured color. It is interesting to note that 1967 Playboy Pink, 1968 Passionate Pink, and 1968 Hot pink were all the same paint WT9036.

Hot Pink 1968 Mustang

Caribbean Coral 1968 Mustang

In 1972, Playboy Pink was again offered as a special order paint.

Playboy Pink 1972 Mustang

2008 and 2009 saw Pink stripes and trim on the Warriors in Pink special model. This options package adds pink accents to the base V6 coupe or convertible with leather seats and automatic transmission. Pink accents include a low pink Mustang side stripe, pink ribbon behind the pony logo on the side, pink seat piping, and other pink stitching and accents. The Warriors In Pink option is available with performance white, silver metallic, or black exterior paints.

Warriors In Pink 2008-09 Mustang

Historic Ford Pink Paints

There are four classic Ford Pink paints that have been used on Mustangs throughout the early years. They are special order pink WT9301, 1957 Thunderbird Dusk Rose (Ford production paint code M0835), special order pink WT9036, and special order coral WT9012.

Promotional Name
sample Ford
Playboy Pink? 1964/65/66
50885 7855
Dusk Rose 1967 M0835 50470 90869
Playboy Pink
Passionate Pink
Hot Pink
71617 6679,6781D
Eastertime Coral
Caribbean Coral

71667 6779DH

Both the 1972 Playboy Pink special paint and the Playboy Pink Mustang given to Playboy playmate of the year in 1964 have been the lightest shade of pink. Special order pink WT9301 is the lightest shade and was available both years, so we believe they both used WT9301.

Below are samples of all four historic Ford pink paints together. Special order WT9012 is a pinkish orange coral, special order WT9036 is the brightest pink, followed closely by Dusk Rose, then special order WT9301 pink is the lightest. Source: 1972, Ford, Special Order Paint Selector - Fleet Colors (Vol. No 72-GM-9JZ) paint chip book put out by Ford for dealers.

Pink Paint offerings by year

Below is a list of all years and shades of Pink Mustangs.

There were 8 offerings of Pink paint in 4 of the 60 production years of the Mustang.

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