2012 Ford Mustang Data Explorer summary
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Body Styles (compare years, see more 2012 style information including Special Models)



Some exciting new features and options are available for the 2012 Ford Mustang. Among the new additions are the Boss 302, Boss 302 Laguna Seca, and Lava Red exterior paint. The Boss 302 is a special edition Mustang that pays tribute to the legendary 1969 model, with a distinctive design, enhanced aerodynamics, and a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 444 horsepower. The Boss 302 Laguna Seca is an even more extreme version of the Boss 302, with a stripped-down interior, stiffer suspension, and larger brakes, making it ready for the racetrack. The Lava Red paint is a unique color option that changes from black to red depending on the lighting. These new features join the existing ones, such as Grabber Blue and Yellow Blaze paint colors, the Mustang Club of America Edition package, and the Shelby GT500 model that boasts a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 550 horsepower. Another notable improvement for the 2012 Mustang is that all models, including the base V6, come with dual exhaust as standard, giving them a more aggressive sound and appearance.

Sales Brochures (compare years)

Production Totals (compare years)

&incl start
Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
88,064 P8A Coupe V6 40,908
P8A Coupe Mustang Club of America (incl. above)
P8C Coupe GT 23,947
P8C Coupe GT California Special 1863 (incl. above)
P8C Coupe Boss 302 3,500
P8C Coupe Boss Laguna Seca 302 500
P8C Coupe Boss 302S 500
??? Coupe Boss 302R 50
P8C Coupe Shelby GT350 ???
P8E Convertible V6 14,337
P8F Convertible GT 4066
P8F Convertible GT California Special 710 (incl. above)
P8F Convertible Shelby GT350 ???
P8J Coupe Shelby GT500 3910
P8K Convertible Shelby GT500 896
??? Cobra Jet Coupe 50

Paint Color Codes (compare years, large examples, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Grabber Blue CI M7210
Competition Orange* CY M7117
Performance White HP M7139
Kona Blue L6 M7188
Yellow Blaze NQ M7238
Race Red PQ M7236
Red Candy U6 M7219
Black UA M6373
Ingot Silver UX M7226
Lava Red UZ M7229
*only the Boss 302

Engine Data (compare years, see more 2012 performance information)

VIN Displacement Type Compression Max Power (net) Max Torque (net)
3.7L 305hp V6 M 227ci 3.7L DOHC 10.5:1 305hp 6500rpm 280ft-lb 4250rpm
5.0L 412hp V8 (GT) F 302ci 5.0L DOHC 11.0:1 412hp 6500rpm 390ft-lb 4250rpm
5.0L 444hp V8 (Boss) U 302ci 5.0L DOHC 11.0:1 444hp 7500rpm 380ft-lb 4500rpm
5.4L 550hp V8 (Shelby GT-500) S 330ci 5.4L 4V Supercharged 8.4:1 550hp 6200rpm 510ft-lb 4250rpm

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Manufacturer: 1ZV = Automotive Alliance International Ford Passenger Car
Safety: B = Air Bags & Active Seat Belts
P8A = Coupe
P8C = Coupe GT & Shelby GT-350
P8C = Coupe Boss 302
P8E = Convertible
P8F = Convertible GT & Shelby GT-350
P8J = Coupe Shelby GT-500
P8K = Convertible Shelby GT-500
M = 3.7L 305hp V6
F = 5.0L 412hp V8 (GT)
U = 5.0L 444hp V8 (Boss 302)
S = 5.4L 550hp V8 (Shelby GT-500)
Check Digit: 0-9 or X
Year: C = 2012
Assembler: 5 = AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan
Unit Number: 2012 Mustangs start at 100001
The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

Options Available (compare years)

99M 3.7L 305hp V6 Engine
99F 5.0L 412hp V8 Engine (GT)
99F 5.0L 444hp Hi-Po V8 Engine (Boss)
99S 5.4L 550hp V8 Engine (Shelby)
44X 6-speed Manual Transmission (GT)
44E 6-speed Manual Transmission (Shelby)
443 6-speed Automatic Transmission
455 3.55 rear end (GT manual)
457 3.73 rear end package (GT/Shelby)
55D Brembo Brake Package (manual transmission)
64U 17-inch Painted Aluminum Wheels (V6 Standard)
64U 17-inch Machined-Aluminum Wheels with Painted Pockets (V6 Premium Standard)
64M 18-inch Polished Aluminum Wheels (V6 Pony & GT Premium Option)
67B 19-inch Painted Aluminum Wheels (V6 Performance Package)
64A 18-inch Wide Spoke Aluminum Wheels (GT Standard)
64X 19-inch Bright Machined-Aluminum Wheels (GT Premium Option)
64V 19-inch Premium Painted Luster Nickel Aluminum Wheels (GT Premium Option)
203A 18-inch Sterling Gray Metallic Painted Aluminum Wheels (MCA)
402A 19-inch Argent Painted / Machined-Aluminum Wheels (GT/CS)
55D 19-inch Dark Stainless Premium Painted Aluminum Wheels (Brembo Brake Package)
500A 19-inch Black Painted Aluminum Wheels (Boss 302)
501A 19-inch Machined-Aluminum Wheels (Boss 302 Laguna Seca)
64W 19-inch Preminum Painted Forged Aluminum Wheels (Shelby)
67F 19-inch front/20-inch rear Preminum Painted Forged Aluminum Wheels (Shelby)
 Side Scoops
 Decklid Face Panel
 Quarter Window Louvers
 Hood Scoop
 Rear Spoiler
13D Rear Spoiler Delete (GT)
59G Glass Roof (GT/V6 Premium & GT-500 coupes)
 Over the Top Racing Stripes
46D Tape Stripes (top and sides) Delete (Shelby)
 Sport Tape Stripe - Rocker Stripes
46D Sport Tape Stripe Delete - Rocker Stripes
402A California Special Package
203A Mustang Club of America Special Edition
202A V6 Pony Package (18-inch wheels, colored mirrors, grille, fog lamps, spoiler, stripes, chrome exhaust tips, special floor mats & badges)
54D V6 Appearance Package (Billet grille, hood scoop, stain black accents, side scoops)
500A Boss 302 Special Package
501A Boss 302 Laguna Seca Special Package
67F SVT Performance Package (3.73 rear, 19-inch front 20-rear wheels, updated suspension, stripes, Gurney spoiler)
51H HID headlamps
77C Reverse Camera System (requires decklid spoiler)
401A Premier Trim with Color Accent Package (black with color accented seats, unique door trim, pony badge, dark aluminum dash)
21A 6-Way Adjustable Powered Driver Seat
 Leather Seats
U1 Stone Cloth Sport Seats
4U Stone Leather Seats
1W Charcoal Black Cloth Sport Seats
4W Charcoal Black Leather Seats
4N Saddle Leather Seats
4N Lava Red Leather Seats
5P Brick Red with Cashmere center stripe leather seats
5R Charcoal Black with Grabber Blue center stripe leather seats
5Q Charcoal Black with Cashmere center stripe leather seats
67 Charcoal Black with dual Brilliant Silver racing stripes leather seats (Shelby)
62 Charcoal Black with dual Oxford White racing stripes leather seats (Shelby)
6X Charcoal Black with dual Satin Black racing stripes leather seats (Shelby)
6B Charcoal Black with dual Grabber Blue racing stripes leather seats (Shelby)
6D Charcoal Black with dual Torch Red racing stripes leather seats (Shelby)
88Q Recardo Leather Seats (Shelby, avail with all trims)
53B Comfort Group (heated seats, power passenger seat, compass in mirror
912 Shaker 500 Audio System with 8-speakers
918 Shaker 1000 Audio System with 10-speakers
50S SIRIUS Satellite Radio
58N Electronics Package with HD Radio
58X Voice-activated Navigation System and Dual-zone temperature control

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