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2011 Shelby GT-500 Engine It has the massive 5.4L V8 supercharged engine under the hood.
2011 Shelby GT-500 Interior The black leather seats have the optional dual white racing stripe inserts. They match the white dual-over-the-top racing stripes on the outside of the Shelby!

Grabber Blue 2011 Mustang Paper Car This is view of a completed Grabber Blue 2011 Mustang paper car made from a book of paper cars designed by Sam Atwal. Sam has allowed us to make available to you the Mustang to cut out and assemble.
Paper Cut-out Car, 2011 Mustang This version of Sam's paper car design is colored Grabber Blue, but you can color it any way you like. We also have a 1974 Paper Car design which was part of a promotional brochure by Ford.
Mustang Paper Car Here is the paper car Sam has provided for cut-out and assembly. We've pre-colored it Grabber Blue but you can use the next page version to make it any color you want. The instructions are on the last page of this set. Just as the instructions say, its best if you can print/photocopy the design on heavier card stock paper. You can also print it out on regular paper and glue the paper to card stock. Sam's book contains this and other paper car designs. Also check out the 1974 Paper Car version.
Paper Car Mustang This is a white version of Sam's 2011 paper car Mustang. Follow the instructions on the next page for assembly. If this image is hard to print download the pdf version of the paper car.
Mirrors, Bottom and Instructions These are the instructions along with the mirrors and bottom of the car. Sam's full paper car book is available on Amazon.com.

2011 Roush 5XR Hero Card Hero card for the 525hp, supercharged, 2011 Roush 5XR Mustang coupe. It has a R2300 Roushcharged 5.0L V8, upgraded handling, Roush body kit, Billet Grille, 20" Chrome wheels with Cooper RS3 tires, Roush graphics, and upgraded interior.
2011 Roush 5XR Specifications Full list of core components include: ROUSHcharged 5.0L powertrain system (525hp at 465 ft-lbs), Roush suspension system (front struts, rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear stabilizer bars), Roush exhaust, Roush front fascia with driving lamps, Roush front chin splitter, Roush side rocker splitters, Roush rear valance, Roush rear decklid spoiler, Roush 5XR serialized interior badge, Roush 5XR serialized engine bay plaque, Roush 5XR dome badge and Roush rear decklid emblem, Roush bilet grille with "R" badge, Roush 5XR unique graphics package, Roush front windshield banner, Roush white face gauges, Roush 6 speed shifter ball (black or white), Roush embroidered floor mats, Roush center console badge/button, Roush 20 inch chrome wheels with Cooper RS3 high performance tires, Roush four-piece performance pedals, and letter of authenticity signed by Jack Roush. Options include brake upgrade, rear quarter window louvers, convertible light bar, vent pod gauge, locking lug nuts, sport leather seating, illuminated door sill plates, tool kit, and lower 3-piece Bilet grille.

Hero Card 2011 Mustang 3.7L Aluminum V6 Hero card for the 2011 Mustang V6 featuring the high-performance, all-aluminum 3.7-liter, TiVCT V-6 engine. It says, Mustang's new 3.7-liter Duratec 24-valve V-6 uses advanced engineering to deliver its power and economy: Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) adjusts the valvetrain in microseconds for more low-speed torque and better fuel economy than non-VCT-equipped engines. Aluminum construction means light weight. It's an engine designed to crank out torque down low, rev to 7,000 rpm and deliver the mechanical music sports coupe lovers crave everywhere in between.
2011 Mustang V6 promotional card This is the back of the 2011 Mustang V6 Hero Card. It says, The high-revving heart of a new era in Mustang performance For 2011, Mustang hits the road with a lightweight, all-new high-performance powerplant designed to rev with the best sports coupes in the world. Displacing 3.7 liters, the dual-overhead-cam (DOHC) 24-valve V-6 uses Ford's Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) to produce remarkable power output - 305 horsepower and 280 ft.-lb. of torque - while still achieving up to 30 mpg highway. Drivers can get the most out of the new V-6 engine's output using either an all-new six-speed manual or automatic transmission. With either choice comes the flexibility and fuel economy benefits of six forward ratios. Of course, with so much additional horsepower standard, the 2011 Mustang has received enhancements to its chassis to maintain the outstanding balance and driving behavior Mustang owners expect. Combined with state-of-the-art safety and technology features, the 2011 Mustang sets a new standard in the sports coupe class.

Race Red 2011 Mustang GT Coupe Here is a Ford preview of the 2011 Mustang GT in one of the three new 2011 colors, Race Red. The other two new 2011 colors are Yellow Blaze and Ingot Silver. The 2011 has an all new 5.0L dual overhead cam V8 which puts out 412 horsepower. There are many new performance upgrades to the 2011 GT besides the new engine. These include: 60mph speedometer, 5.0 fender emblems, optional Brembo brakes, optional 19 inch alloy wheels, new exhaust, and better handling.
Race Red 2011 Mustang GT Coupe This view of the 2011 Mustang shows off its standard GT rear decklid badge, new tuned dual exhaust, new wheels, and optimized aerodynamic sideview mirrors.
Black Interior 2011 Mustang GT Coupe The interior of the 2011 Mustang GT has standard Ambient lighting which includes lit door sill plates.
Interior 2011 Mustang GT Coupe 2011 GT interior with leather seats and door panels, metal dash panel, and bright dash trim accents.
MyColor Lighting 2011 Mustang GT Coupe View of the 2011 Mustang GT dash with 125 color MyColor lighting, the new 160mph speedometer, and now 7000rpm redline tachometer. Compare this to the 2010 Mustang GT instrument group. The increase of the tachometer redline is in part due to the new 5.0L V8 engine and its tuning/timing system.
Center Dash Instruments 2011 Mustang GT Coupe Close-up of the Shaker stereo with SYNC and satellite radio. SYNC is a voice-activated communication and entertainment system with 911 assist and vehicle health reporting.
5.0L DOHC V8 Engine 2011 Mustang GT Coupe View of the new 2011, 5.0 liter, double overhead cam, V8 engine rated at 412 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque. The TiVCT embossed on the engine stands for Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing which helps increase the horsepower but also increases the fuel economy to 17-city/25-highway on the GT V8 automatic, 16/24 on the V8 manual (19/30 on the V6 automatic, 18/29 on the V6 manual). This new timing system gets its input from cam torque and oil pressure from the improved oil system to optimally actuate the valves. This improvement has also raised the tachometer redline to 7000rpm.
Wheels and Fender 2011 Mustang GT Coupe The 5.0 fender emblem is back, but new is the optional 19 inch alloy wheels, and optional Brembo brake package from the GT500.
5.0L 2011 Mustang GT Close-up of the 2011, 5.0 liter fender emblem.
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