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Body Styles (compare years, see more 2005 style information including Special Models)



The redesigned 2005 Mustang celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic car with a retro design that evokes elements from 40 years ago. The front grille, the rear tail lights, the side windows, and the galloping horse badge are all reminiscent of the classic Mustangs from 1964 to 1968. The new Mustang also offers modern features and performance, such as powerful engines, a color-configurable instrument panel, and GT options for both the coupe and convertible body styles.

The front grille of the new Mustang is slightly slanted forward to suggest a forward jetting hood, just like the original models. The recessed round headlights are separated from the grille by a color-keyed integrated body panel, and the turn signals are located lower in the bumper. The optional fog lamps are mounted in the grille field, and the center of the grille features the Mustang galloping horse badge. These design elements create a distinctive and aggressive look for the new Mustang.

The rear of the new Mustang also pays homage to the past with three separate tail lights that do not wrap around to the sides, a simulated center gas cap badge, and no large recessed "MUSTANG" letters. The rear design is simple and elegant, emphasizing the car's sleek and sporty profile. The side coves are less pronounced than the 2004 model, and there is no simulated wheel air scoop at the end. However, the smaller rear quarter windows set apart from the door windows bring back elements of the fastback body line that was popular in the 1960s.

The new Mustang does not compromise on performance and technology. It offers two powerful engines: a 208hp, 4.0 liter, V6; and a 300hp, 4.6 liter, V8. The interior options include a color-configurable instrument panel that allows the driver to select more than 125 different background colors with a touch of a button. The GT options are available for both the coupe and convertible body styles, adding more features and enhancements to the already impressive car. The new Mustang is manufactured in Flat Rock, Michigan, instead of Dearborn, Michigan, where it was produced for 40 years.

The redesigned 2005 Mustang is a tribute to the car's legacy and a showcase of its innovation. It combines design elements from 40 years ago with modern features and performance to create a car that is both nostalgic and futuristic. The new Mustang is a car that appeals to both old and new generations of drivers who appreciate its style and power.

Sales Brochures (compare years)

early version (coupe)
late version (convertible)

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
160,412 T80 Coupe V6 70,827
T82 Coupe GT 47,449
T84 Convertible V6 28,793
T85 Convertible GT 13,343

Paint Color Codes (compare years, large examples, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Torch Red D3 M7042
Screaming Yellow D6 M7109
Redfire G2 M7089
Performance White HP M7139
Legend Lime P1 M7135
Windveil Blue P3 M7134
Sonic Blue SN M7095
Mineral Gray TK M7020
Satin Silver TL M7049
Black UA M6373

Engine Data (compare years, see more 2005 performance information)

VIN Displacement Type Compression Max Power (net) Max Torque (net)
4.0L 208hp V6 N 244ci 4.0L SOHC 9.7:1 208hp 5250rpm 240ft-lb 3500rpm
4.6L 300hp V8 (GT) H 281ci 4.6L 3V 9.8:1 300hp 5750rpm 320ft-lb 4500rpm

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Manufacturer: 1ZV = Automotive Alliance International Ford Passenger Car
F = Driver/Passenger Air Bags & Active Seat Belts
H = Front and Side Air Bags & Active Seat Belts
T80 = Coupe
T82 = Coupe GT
T84 = Convertible
T85 = Convertible GT
N = 4.0L 208hp V6
H = 4.6L 300hp V8
Check Digit: 0-9 or X
Year: 5 = 2005
Assembler: 5 = AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan
Unit Number: 2005 Mustangs start at 100001
The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

Options Available (compare years)

99N 4.0L 208hp V6 Engine
99H 4.6L 300hp V8 Engine (GT)
44F T5 5-speed Manual Transmission (V6)
44K TR3650 5-speed Manual Transmission (GT)
44L 5R55S 5-speed Automatic Transmission
648 16-inch Painted Cast Aluminum Wheels
64T 16-inch Bright-Machined Cast Aluminum Wheels with Spinners
64F 17-inch Premium Painted Cast Aluminum Wheels
64D 17-inch Bright-Machined Cast Aluminum Wheels
 Rear Spoiler
13D Rear Spoiler Delete (GT)
 Sport Tape Stripe - Rocker Stripes
18G Interior Upgrade Package (MyColor instruments, leather & aluminum accents)
68R Interior Color Accent Package (Red seats, door inserts and floor mats)
21A 6-Way Adjustable Powered Driver Seat
 Leather Seats
912 Shaker 500 Audio System with 6-speakers
918 Shaker 1000 Audio System with 9-speakers

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