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Yellow 2005 Mustang The customization extends around to the rear of Kris's 2005 Mustang.

White 05 Mustang GT This white 2005 Mustang GT coupe is supercharged. It is Procharge supercharged. It was displayed at the 2010 Mustang and Ford car show at Uftring Ford in East Peoria, Illinois. This car had a lot of modifications; wide low profile tires on chrome rims, blue Procharged rocker stripes, and dark headlight covers.
White 05 Mustang GT White 2005 Mustang GT coupe, left front view. This car also had an aftermarket hood.
Supercharger The engine has a supercharger.

Redfire 2005 Roush Mustang Redfire 2005 Mustang Roush Sport owned by Clair Walter from Pennsylvania. It has many upgrades the 4.6L V8 with Roush supercharger, Roush body kit, Roush spoiler, and hood scoop. Clair also replaced the 18" Roush wheels, where the chrome was pealing, with 20" SVE Series 2 wheels.
Redfire 2005 Roush Mustang Redfire 2005 Mustang Roush Sport, right front view. The hood scoop says ROUSHCHARGED.

Satin Silver 2005 Mustang Saleen This is a Satin Silver 2005 Mustang Saleen S-281 SuperCharged coupe. It has 20-inch Saleen wheels. The headlights have been upgraded to Xenon. It is Saleen factory serial number 680.
Satin Silver 2005 Mustang Saleen Check out the front end view of this Satin Silver 2005 Saleen S281SC coupe.
Satin Silver 2005 Mustang Saleen The rear end of a Saleen is very different from a regular Mustang. Check this out.
2005 SuperCharged Saleen Engine The SC in the model name of S281-SC stands for SUPERCHARGER! This engine is now rated at 400 horsepower!
2005 Saleen Dash The Saleen has different gauges like the 200mph speedo. Check out the gauge pod up on the center of the dash. It lets you monitor the supercharger!

2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT Christina sent us pictures of her 2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT. Christina stated, "This is my daily driver. Mods are, long tube headers, off road H pipe, JLT CAI, Ford Racing Intake Manifold, 4.10 gears, tuned. 160k miles and I still race it daily. So I named him Blucifer."
2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT This view of the Windveil Blue Mustang shows off its billet type grille, halo headlights, custom hood scoop, and the black stripe.
2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT Nice side view of Christina's 2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT. This shows off the custom black bullitt type wheels and rear quarter window louvers.

2005 Mustang Sales Catalog - early version This is the early printing of the 2005 Mustang sales catalog featuring the Mustang V6 and GT coupe. On the cover is a Torch Red Mustang GT. On the later printing there is a Screaming Yellow Mustang GT convertible on the cover. A new Mustang design was introduced in 2005. The 1964 to 1968 grille is back from its slightly slanted forward design to suggest a forward jetting hood, recessed round headlights separated from the grille by a color-keyed integrated body panel, separate turn signals lower in the bumper, optional fog lamps mounted in the grille field, and the Mustang galloping horse badge in the center. The rear has the three separate tail lights which do not wrap around to the sides, a simulated center gas cap badge, and no large recessed "MUSTANG" letters to remind us that this is a Mustang.
inside front cover of the 2005 Mustang sales catalog Inside front cover of the early printing of the 2005 Mustang sales catalog. The text reads, Freedom to run.Open road. Open windows. Open throttle. Sometimes the ride has nothing to do with the destination. In Ford Mustang, it's always been full throttle ahead. Now, for 2005, everything about this legend is better than ever. New sheet metal and powertrains improve the tire-smokin', freedom-ridin' experience that Mustang's always delivered while new chassis architecture and interior styling bring precise refinement. Get ready for a new obsession - as Mustang charges proudly into the future. The legend lives.
2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT Two page view of a 2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT coupe. Under the hood is a 300hp 4.6L V8 engine.
Black Mustang GT and Sonic Blue Mustang V6 with Pony Package On this page of the 2005 Mustang sales brochure there is a Black Mustang GT and a Sonic Blue Mustang V6 with side stripe and chrome wheel spinners from the Pony Package. The text reads, Eye Magnet. With fan clubs on 5 continents and appearances in over 300 motion pictures. Mustang design has inspired quite a few stares. Those numbers are sure to rise with this 2005 rendition (buy your wax now). "It's a bold, aggressive shape liberally frosted with memorable design cues from golden-ear Mustangs." Motor Trend says. "It is low and planted to the ground, both all-Mustang cues and fresh to the eye." says AutoWeek. A technical and design knockout, just one look and you're sold.
300hp 4.6L V8 GT engine The 300hp 4.6L V8 engine of the 2005 Mustang GT is featured on this page of the sales catalog. The text reads, Get up and gone. From stoplights to twisting blacktop to the standing quarter-mile, you always have the freedom to get up and go - quickly - in Ford Mustang. All-new V6 and muscular V8 powertrains will still encourage pedal meeting metal. Both engines feature Electronic Throttle Control, a Mustang first for optimal throttle response, while variable camshaft timing on the V8 provides cam setting specifically tailored to the engine's speed and load to improve fuel efficiency and performance. As powerful as they are, these engines are also more than 50% cleaner than last year's. And hours in the listening lab have produced a growl that's downright inspiring.
Performance and Handling Performance and handling is featured on this page of the 2005 Mustang sales brochure. The text reads, Geared to perform. Mustang is designed to run free. Around hundreds of tight corners. Down plenty of glorious straightaways. That's why our engineers spent so much time perfecting the underpinnings that drive this legend. And they'll tell you that the all-new, completely redesigned and engineered performance-car architecture of this 2005 model delivers the best Mustang driving experience ever. With its storied heritage, that's certainly saying a lot. Go see what they mean. 5 on the floor Tremec 5-Speed Manual Transmissions - True to its muscle-car heritage, a 5-speed manual gearbox is standard on V6 and GT models. Shift linkage is geared only one way: to provide quick engagement and a solid feel. For an added measure of excitement, a 3.55 axle ratio is teamed with the 5-speed manual on Mustang GT for quicker acceleration and improved performance. All-new hardware Ultra-Rigid Chassis Structure - from the street to the track, better chassis tuning results in more robust performance. And the stiffer the chassis, the more precisely the spring damping and bushing rates can be tuned 30% stiffer than the chassis it replaces. Mustang's all-new, purpose-built, performance-car platform accelerates, turns and stops better than ever before. Better balanced 52/48 Weight Distribution - By crafting the hood from aluminum and extending the wheelbase almost 6". Mustang's weight distribution is better balanced than the previous model. A more even balance improves performance and road-gripping action.
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