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Saleen Gauge Pod These center gauges allow you to keep track of the supercharger.
2003 Saleen Extreme Window Sticker Check out the window sticker for this 2003 Saleen Extreme. The final cost was $63,725. The only optional item was the chrome wheels. Check out the huge list of Saleen components.

Black 2003 Mustang GT Black 2003 Mustang GT coupe owned by Donald 'FUZES' Woods from West Virginia. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 29 2017. It has the 4.6L V8 and an automatic transmission. Donald tells us, "Purchased in 2007 from dealer stock. 40,000 Original miles. Started modification's in 200. First I start with the wheels, and then the Kaminari body kit, and Cobra R rear spoiler, side scoops, and finally the Black Single Stage Paint. First year at local car shows, I won two trophies from three shows. Second year I showed at 10 shows and won 7 trophies. The most interesting was the Best Tuner."
Black 2003 Mustang GT Here is Donald's 2003 Mustang at a local car show. That's Donald sitting in the background.
Black 2003 Mustang GT Donald's Black 2003 Mustang GT along with a 1999 Mercury Cougar he built.
Black 2003 Mustang GT Another shot of Donalds' black 2003 Mustang GT with another of the 1993 Mercury Cougars he built.
Black 2003 Mustang GT Here is an earlier photo of Donald's Mustang. The carbon fiber hood wasn't installed yet.

Dark Shadow Gray Customized Mustang GT Coupe Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Mustang GT coupe with Bullitt wheels, Bullitt grille, Mach 1 front spoiler, Flowmaster exhaust, and Mach 1 shaker hood. This customized GT was at the 2010 Mustang Roundup in Tampa, Florida.
Interior 2003 Customized Mustang GT Coupe The interior of a 2003 Mustang GT.
Bullitt wheels and GTA emblem Close-up of the Bullitt wheels and GTA fender emblem from a 1967 automatic transmission GT.

2003 Mustang Sales Catalog - cover Sales catalog for the 2003 Mustang featuring the coupe, convertible, GT and Mach 1. There is also a black cover version which has a few differences with the Mach 1 model. The Mach 1 came back in 2003 (last one was in 1978) a coupe with special wheels, stripes, a double overhead cam 4.6L V8, and hood scoop. On the cover is a Torch Red Mustang Mach 1 coupe with Shaker hood scoop and black hood stripe.
Mustang Sales Catalog - inside front cover This is the first inside page of the 2003 Mustang sales catalog. The text reads, Whether you own one of the first, or are thinking of the 2003 Mustang as your very first, you are part of an automotive love affair that is unlike any other. It is fueled by passionate people like yourself who thrill to the sound, and relish the freedom of expression, only Mustang can conjure. It began decades ago (it seems like yesterday) when the original "pony car" bolted onto America's twisty back roads, quarter-mile stretches of asphalt, and high-banked ovals. GT, Cobra, Mach 1 and Boss become industry high-water marks in power, design and innovation. They are famous as the places where they triumphed. Woodward Ave. Mulholland Drive. Pomona Raceway. Orange Country International. Today, that bloodline continues to surge in a direction line to you. Continue the affair. Take the wheel and lift your sunglasses just enough to see the envy of some... or the tip of the cap from others. They are in love, too.
Introducing the Mach 1 The Mach 1 is featured on this page of the 2003 Mustang sales catalog. The text reads, See, if you pray hard enough and are really bad, history does repeat itself. Introducing the Mustang Mach 1. Now go forth and shake things up. No need to pinch yourself. Mach 1 is indeed back! 305 horses. The legendary "Shaker" hood design. Special Interior. All designed to quickly transport you directly into nights filled with 5-speed sticks. Awesome power and churning tires. (1) The new Mustang Mach 1 has a unique gauge cluster specifically designed for the ultimate high-performance enthusiast. Easy to read. Great looking. (2) 4.6L DOHC 305hp V8. Multi-port Fuel Injection, of course. And more than enough low-end torque to overcome the stranglehold the asphalt has on your 17" wheels styled after the originals. (3) Pop the hood and let the world take a gander at the one-of-a-king "shaker" hood. And after they stop talkin' about how cool it is... focus their attention on the low rumble only a massive V8 can create. Heaven.
Mach 1 detail Here is a close-up of the text for the Mach 1 coupe with special wheels, stripes, a double overhead cam 4.6L V8, and hood scoop.
Mustang Convertible and Pony Exterior Package The Mustang V6 convertible and the V6 "Pony" exterior package is featured on this page of the 2003 Mustang sales catalog. The text reads, Thinking of owning the road? Time to "pony up." The night is warm, and the road is shouting "come out and play." What on earth could be more exhilarating than to drop the top on your new Mustang convertible and let the ponies run around for awhile? One way to improve upon this moment is to opt for the V6 "pony" exterior package. Below are the great-looking details. Ahhh. Those summer nights with no particular place to go. Can you imagine? (1) See that familiar figure running wild down the side in the photo to your left? This unique "mustang Stampede" tape stripe is exclusive to the "Pony." And so are the 16 inch polished wheels that shine so brightly in the photo below. (2) We have taken our performance hood with its dramatic scoop and mounted it on top of your "Pony" V6. And now we would like to direct your attention to the Pony featured in our big photograph. Notice the black letter on the back? That is also unique. We thought we would make it stand out better so all those people following you would know exactly what just blew past them.
Mustang Convertible close-up Close-up view of the details for the 2003 Mustang V6 convertible.
Mustang GT close-up Here is a close-up view of the Mustang GT page. See the next page for the full view.
Mustang GT Here is a close-up of the text for the 2003 Mustang GT. The text reads, Don't ya just love the smell of burning rubber in the morning? Does your heart begin to beat a lot harder when you hear the sound of a V8? Then you are one of us, and Mustang GT is your king of machine. 260 horses (or in our case, ponies), 9.4 high compression, 3.27:1 axle ratio to help move you from the launch pad others fondly call a stoplight. Available in hard or soft top. (1) Naturally, Mustang GT's 17 inch performance tires would be bolted to a performance wheel. You have the choice of three. Either this optional 5-spoke 17 inch wheel forged from bright aluminum alloy, or the very dramatic GT Premium wheel displayed in the action photo to your right. All three, including the GT Standard Deluxe, are shown on page 15 so you can compare them "mano to mano." (2) Bright polished stainless steel exhaust tips? You bet.
Interior close-up Close-up of the text for the two page view of the GT interior (upper left), Mach 1 interior (right), and V6 Interior Upgrade Package (lower left). See the next page for a full view of this double page.
GT and Mach 1 Interior This page shows the standard GT (upper left) and Mach 1 (large right image) and V6 Interior Upgrade Package (lower left) interior. The text reads, You'll find a few holes in our interior thinking. Everyone knows the importance of a great interior design. Ours is performance driven. Instruments that are designed to be instantly read. Seats that help support you in the turns. No cutesy stuff here. Shown above in dark charcoal is our GT Deluxe. And to your right is the outrageous Mach 1. Special look. Special instrumentation. Special stainless steel accents on the gear shift and control surround. It's different. It's special. It's Mach 1. (1) It's all in the details. Order your Mustang V6 manual with Interior Upgrade Package and you'll get the shift knob wrapped in leather along with an aluminum shift boot bezel. (2) Also as part of the Interior Upgrade Package with the manual transmission, stainless steel racing-inspired portal pedals await you commands.
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