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2003 Saleen ID Plate Here is a close-up of the Saleen ID plate on the firewall. It shows the manufacturing date, the unique Saleen ID number 03-0260, and the last part of the Mustang VIN.
2003 Saleen Interior Saleen modifications on the interior include; special white faced gauges, a close ratio shifter, performance driving pedals, custom door panels with painted inserts, leather sports seats, and Saleen floor mats.
2003 Saleen Dash A nice shot of the Saleen dash. The extra gauges over the center console are Saleen options as well.
2003 Saleen trunk Redfire 2003 Mustang Saleen S281-SC coupe, trunk view. The yellow handle next to the trunk latch is an emergency trunk release. To be used if you are stuck in the trunk.
2003 ID Tag On the rear end of the driver's side door is the Vehicle Certification Label. It contains data and information about the car when it was new off the Ford Mustang assembly line.

True Blue 2003 Mustang True Blue 2003 Mustang coupe owned by Jon Clemence from Issaquah, Washington. It has a 3.8L V6 engine and a manual transmission. There were three blue paints offered in 2003. The others were Azure Blue (for the Mach 1 only) and Sonic Blue.

Torch Red 2003 Cobra Convertible Torch Red Mustang 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra convertible with a black interior and black top. It has the 390hp 4.6L DOHC 32v V8 engine and the 6-speed Tremec T56 manual transmission. This Cobra has the 10th SVT Cobra anniversary red brake calipers in all for corners and 10th Anniversary 17x9 inch wheels.
Torch Red 03 Cobra Convertible Torch Red Mustang SVT Cobra convertible, front view. Yes the 2003 Cobra originally came with a pony grille emblem.
Torch Red 2003 Cobra Convertible All 10th Anniversary SVT Cobras came with a special decklid emblem.
10th anniversary decklid SVT emblem Here is a close-up view of the 10th anniversary decklid SVT emblem. There were only 2003 of these special Cobra models built, but they came in Torch Red, Black, or Silver.
SVT Wheels These are 17x9 inch 10th Anniversary Wheels with a polished lip and a gunmetal face. Check out the red Cobra embossed brake caliper inside. These are exclusive the 10th Anniversary Cobra edition.
cobra red leather seat inserts These red leather seat inserts where standard on all 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra Mustangs.
2003 Cobra Red Leather Seat Inserts Both the back and front seats received these special red leather accents.
Carbon Fiber pattern leather steering wheel Interior upgrades for the 10th Anniversary Cobra (over the normal Cobra) include; unique leather steering wheel with "carbon fiber" pattern in the leather of the upper mid portion, carbon fiber pattern leather shift boot and leather shifter handle, carbon fiber pattern emergency brake boot, red window switch bezels, and red seat inserts.
2003 Cobra Mustang Y-code V8 supercharger This is a 390hp 4.6L supercharged Cobra SVT engine. Nice eh?

Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang GT Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang GT coupe owned by Eric Biggs from Georgia. It has a 4.6L V8 engine, an automatic transmission, off road Summit Racing H-pipe, and SLP LM1 Catback exhaust. Eric has nickname this Mustang, 'Blue Thunder'.
Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang GT Straight on front end shot of Eric's Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang GT coupe.
Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang GT It has an SLP LM1 Catback exhaust system.

Mineral Gray 2003 Cobra Mineral Gray 2003 SVT Cobra coupe with a black interior and 17-inch SVT wheels. Mineral Gray paint is only available on the SVT Cobra in 2003.
Mineral Gray 2003 Cobra Mineral Gray 2003 SVT Cobra coupe, left front view. The owner installed a larger Supercharger intercooler with COBRA stenciled on it. See it below the grille in front?
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