1981 Mustang Photo Collection
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Bright Red 1981 Mustang Hatchback Bright Red 1981 Mustang hatchback with wire wheel covers, black grille, black body side moldings, black rear quarter window louvered trim, and a 86hp (at 4600rpm), 140 cubic inch (2.3 liter), 2 barrel, 4-cylinder engine. This is the base engine for the 1981 Mustang.
Bright Red 1981 Mustang Hatchback Bright Red 1981 Mustang hatchback, front end view.
Bright Red 1981 Mustang Hatchback Right front view of a Bright Red 1981 Mustang hatchback. This car has different wheel covers on this side.
Bright Red 1981 Mustang Hatchback 1981 Bright Red Mustang hatchback, rear left view.
Interior 1981 Mustang Hatchback Interior view of a 1981 Mustang hatchback with what we thought was an aftermarket steering wheel, but according to the below viewer comments its a factory non-cruise sports wheel. Cool!
Back Seat 1981 Mustang Hatchback View of the back seat of a 1981 Mustang hatchback.
1981 Mustang Hood Emblem Close-up of the hood Mustang emblem. A more modern version of the older tri-bar pony emblem.
Door Data Tag The door data tag of this Bright Red 1981 Mustang hatchback shows the factory options of Bright Red exterior paint (should see a 27 just to the right of the left rivet on the lower plate), red cloth and vinyl bucket seats BD, AM/FM Cassette 7, and 4 speed manual transmission 7.

Silver 1981 Mustang Coupe Silver 1981 Mustang coupe with 4 spoke wheel covers, black body side molding, black grille, and the base level 86hp (at 4600rpm), 140 cubic inch (2.3 liter), 2 barrel, 4 cylinder engine
Silver 1981 Mustang Coupe Silver 1981 Mustang coupe, right side view. The car is in good condition with only 36,000 miles on it.
Interior 1981 Mustang Coupe A very nice looking original interior of a 1981 Mustang coupe with automatic transmission, air conditioning, AM/FM cassette radio, center console, and clock.

Polar White 81 Mustang  Notchback Polar White 1981 Mustang coupe (notchback) with T-tops and a bright red interior. This one has the 6-cylinder engine under the hood. Factory options include power steering, power anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, and an in-dash tachometer.
Polar White 1981 Mustang Coupe Polar White 1981 Mustang coupe, left rear view. In this shot the T-tops are installed.
1981 Mustang Interior The interior is bright red. The seats have seat covers protecting them.

Bright Bittersweet 1981 Mustang Catalog Cover of the 16 page 1981 Ford Mustang promotional booklet showing a Bright Bittersweet T-top Mustang.
Black 1981 Mustang in a Ford Promotional Booklet Page 2 and 3 shows a Black 1981 T-top Mustang ready to transport a skier to the mountain.
Bright Bittersweet 1981 Mustang Catalog Page 4 and 5 shows the 1981 performance specifications and an over the top view of a Bright Bittersweet T-top 1981 Mustang. Performance specifications include handling, engine power and efficiency, corrosion protection.
Medium Blue Glow 1981 Mustang Page 6 shows a Medium Blue Glow 1981 Mustang with sun roof and standard wheel covers. Page 7 shows both a Medium Pewter and a Bright Yellow Mustang coupe with styled steel wheel with trim rings. The Medium Pewter Mustang has the two-door Sports Appearance package consisted of black window trim, sport wheel covers, rocker panel moldings, and a sport steering wheel. The GT package was not offered in 1981.
1981 Ghia Mustang Page 8 and 9 shows the 1981 Mustang Ghia rag top and regular top coupe. Mustang Ghia. Refreshing like a sea breeze in full sails. Ghia will lift your spirits and carry you with distinctive pride and elegance. Ghia, in 2- or 3-door models, includes refined exterior touches like dual black remote control mirrors, bodyside pinstripes and turbine wheel covers. Inside there are Ghia's lowback reclining buckets with adjustable headrests, deluxe seat belts with tension eliminators, and luxury level cut-pile carpeting. Ghia also includes a dual beam map/dome light and lights for ashtray, glove box, engine compartment, and truck (2-door) or third door courtesy light switch (3-door). Plus a lot more (pages 12-13).
Polar White 1981 Mustang Cobra Page 10 and 11 of the 1981 Ford Mustang promotional book shows the 1981 Mustang Cobra. I like the color matched surf board.
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