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1977 Free Wheelin Ford promotional booklet Page 8 and 9 of the 1977 Free Wheelin' Ford promotional booklet features the Ford pickups for Truckin'. Pickups include the F-100, F-150, and F-250. The Ranchero GT is also shown, probably with 8-track player.
1977 Free Wheelin Ford promotional booklet I guess the term Off Roading wasn't popular yet, but page 10 and 11 of the 1977 Free Wheelin' Ford promotional booklet explains what to do when the road doesn't reach where you want to go. Free Wheelin' options of bright stripes and black paint accents are available.
1977 Free Wheelin Ford promotional booklet Here is the 1977 Pinto hopefully without the exploding gas tank option.
1977 Free Wheelin Ford promotional booklet Now for the big luxury cars: the Ford Granada, LTD II, and Thunderbird.
1977 Free Wheelin Ford promotional booklet This is the back cover with a disclaimer that some of the options shown are third party or cost extra or will delay an order. All that good stuff.

Light Aqua 1977 Ghia Mustang II Light Aqua 1977 Ghia Mustang II coupe with a bright blue leather interior and a white half vinyl top. This car has the big V8 engine under the hood. There is a V8 emblem on the front end fender. See those extra vertical rubber pieces on the bumper? Those are optional Bumper Guards.
Light Aqua 77 Ghia Mustang II Light Aqua 1977 Ghia Mustang II coupe, left side view. The gas cap has a metallic finish.
Ghia Emblem This red, white, and blue Ghia emblem is located on the rear roof panel.
Mustang II Emblem The Mustang II emblem is on the rear trunk lid.
1977 Ghia Mustang II V8 Engine Check out this V8 engine. It has a huge air conditioning compressor on the front end.
1977 Ghia Mustang II Interior The interior is a very bright shade of blue. Check out the buttons on the leather seats.
1977 Ghia Mustang II Dash The dash has wood grained inserts. Check out the rolling digital clock on the passenger side of the dash.
8-Track Tape Player Check it out. An Elvis 8-track tape is still in the player! The radio is called Aeronutronic. Say that three times real fast. Aeronutronic was a defense and space related division of Ford Motor Company. They built communications equipment for NASA. Apparently they also made radios and tape players for Ford cars.

Dark Emerald Green 1977 Mustang Hatchback A Ford promotional photo of a Dark Emerald Green 1977 Mustang hatchback with fog lamps, sport wheels, front air dam, pin stripes, color keyed mirrors, and white vinyl and green plaid cloth seats. The comment from SteelSteeds below explains that this combination of luxury was a Limited Edition special package.

Bright Red 1977 Mustang T-top Hatchback This is the cover of the late year, 1977, Ford Mustang promotional booklet, it shows a Bright Red 1977 T-top Mustang II hatchback with t-tops, styled wheels with trim rings, fog lamps, front bumper guards, and front air dam. We also have the earlier version of this booklet.
Golden Glow 1977 Mustang II Coupe Page 2 of the 1977 Ford Mustang promotional booklet shows a Golden Glow base level coupe with full wheel covers, fog lamps, and a creme interior. This page says Ford Mustang II. Make driving fun again.
Dark Emerald Green 1977 Mustang Hatchback Page 3 of the 1977 Ford Mustang promotional booklet shows a rear right view of a Medium Emerald Glow green Mustang II hatchback with standard blackout grille, styled steel wheels with optional trim rings, bias belted raised white letter (or WSW) tires, brushed aluminum instrument panel appliques, and Sport steering wheel. A no-cost, color-keyed front spoiler was also available.
White and Red 1977 Mustang II Cobra Hatchback (A) Cobra II. Runaway sales success. Combine flair with fun by choosing the new Cobra II Package option. Cobra II is available on the 4-passenger 2+2's shown in Polar White (Code 9D), with brilliant Red, Blue or Green racing stripes, or in Black (Code1C), with Gold stripes. You get these exterior features: front/rear deck spoilers; Black Louvered backlite and flipper quarter windows; tricolor racing stripes on spoilers, hood, hood scoop, roof, rear deck, lower bodyside panels; Cobra II emblem on Blackout grille with bright surround molding; Black dual sport mirrors; Cobra II bodyside identification; styled steel wheels with trim rings; raised white letter radials; Black windshield wiper arms and windshield/backlite moldings. The 2.3 liter engine and 4-speed manual transmission with floor shift are standard. More spirited action can be yours with 2.8 liter V-6 (2.8 VV in Calif.) or 302 CID 2V V-8 (302 VV in Calif.). SelectShift automatic transmission is available. Inside Cobra II you get 2+2 standard like: brushed aluminum instrument panel applique; tachometer, ammeter, temperature gauges; Sport steering wheel; low-back bucket seats, all-vinyl trim; color-keyed carpeting; fold-down rear seat, carpeted cargo area, and more. Plus: brushed aluminum door trim inserts, Cobra II nameplates. Check out the earlier 1977 version of this promotional booklet showing the lower side stripes.
Page 5 of 1977 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Page 5 of the 1977 Ford Mustang II promotional booklet shows the other three sport packages offered (other than Cobra): Mach 1, Rallye Appearance Package, and Appearance Decor Group.
Tan 1977 Mustang Ghia Coupe (A) Mustang II with the new Ghia Sports Group. Looking and feeling good user way is what driving fun's about. So Ford designers created the Ghia Sports Group Options, which combines better ideas in luxury and sports distinction. Tasteful new exterior features include: Black or Tan finish, Tan (Code 8H) shown; half-vinyl roof in Black Odense grain or Chamois Lugano grain, Black shown; Chamois or Black vinyl insert bodyside moldings; Black or Chamois full-length, bodyside accent stripes; Blackout grille; luggage rack with Black or Chamois leather hold-down straps, brightly buckled; cast aluminum wheels with Chamois-painted spokes.
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