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Black 1977 Cobra II Black 1977 Mustang II with Cobra II package, owned by Mike Baker, from Elgin, Illinois. He just purchased it off eBay! It has a 302ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Like in 1976, the 1977 Cobra came in white with blue stripes, blue with white stripes, or black with gold stripes. New in 1977 the Cobra could come with white with red stripes and white with green stripes. This is an early 1977 Cobra where the lettering is low on the door, later in the year they were higher up. Cobras came with vertical-style quarter-window louvers, rear-window horizontal louvers, sport mirrors, facing hood scoop and rear spoiler.
Black 77 Cobra II Another shot of Mike's black 1977 Mustang II with Cobra II package.
Black 1977 Cobra II Black 1977 Mustang II with Cobra II package, front end view.
Black 77 Cobra II Black 1977 Mustang II with Cobra II package, right rear view. The rear window and rear quarter window louvers blocked the sunlight from heating the interior while allowing the driver to out the back of the car.
1977 Engine Under the hood is the original 302ci V8 engine. It was rated at 139 horsepower.
77 Cobra II Interior The 1977 Cobra II package included leather wrapped steering wheel and console options.
77 Cobra II Interior It has woodgrain on the shifter handle, brake handle and shifter housing.
Black 1977 Cobra II Mike's Black 1977 Mustang Cobra II on display at a car show.

Bright Red 1977 Mustang Bright Red 1977 Mustang II coupe owned by Terry and Mona Burgess from Victoria BC, Canada. It still as the original 302ci engine under the hood. The owner has this story to share, "Growing up, my Dad had always wanted to purchase a Mustang. He had taken early retirement at 60 years old and seriously started looking at a Mustang as his next car of choice. He looked at many but the little red Mustang II caught his eye and he convinced my Mom that the little red girl was the one. He couldn't wait to call me and tell me that he had purchased it. Dad came over to my apartment, picked me up and took me over to the house to see her. My Dad loved his new car but didn't have an opportunity to drive it for very long as he had a stroke and couldn't drive any more. When ever he had to go to the doctor, I made sure to take him in his red jewel. Although he couldn't drive he would have an opportunity to be in it. He never regained his health and before he passed away he signed his very special car to me. I drove my Dad's car every day to work until three years ago until she was hurting for a lot more TLC than I could continue to give her. My husband promised to restore her for me and I must admit that I wasn't totally convinced that he would do it as it was a large undertaking. I only expected for him to get the car running again, but as you can see he has gone far beyond that and restored her back to original condition. The car I loved driving for many years that held tremendous amount of sentimental value for me, is back on the road again and looking and running pretty sweet. I'm sure my Dad would have been pretty proud of how she looks."
Bright Red 1977 Mustang Bright Red 1977 Mustang II coupe, left side view.
1977 Mustang Engine Wow. Look at this engine. It's the original 302ci V8. It was originally rated at 134 horsepower.
1977 Mustang Engine Another shot of the 302ci V8 engine.
1977 Mustang Interior The interior is Firethorn Red in color.
77 Mustang Dash Here is a close-up of the dash. It has to big instrument pods for the Tach (left) and Speedometer (right). This one even has the 8-track tape player.
1977 Mustang Dash The clock is located on the passenger side. Looks like rotating number wheels.
1977 Mustang Front Seats The seats look to be in great shape. They are Firethorn Red in color. I wonder if they where recovered?
1977 Mustang Rear Seat The rear seats in this 1977 Mustang II appear to have more padding than I've seen in most older mustangs.
1977 Mustang Rear Seat Folds The rear seat folds down for hauling larger items.
1977 Mustang II Truck Here is a view of the trunk in this Bright Red 1977 Mustang II coupe. Can you guess what's under the carpet? Hint: It's round!

1977 Bright Saddle Mustang 1977 Mustang II with Bright Saddle metallic paint, original standard factory wheels, optional color-keyed vinyl-insert bodyside moldings, 89 hp (140ci, 2.3 liter, inline 4 cylinder, single overhead, hydraulic carburetor) basic factory engine, and optional "Cruise-O-Matic transmission".
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