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Body Styles (compare years, see more 1968 style information including Special Models)



The 1968 Shelby introduced a newly designed hood which now featured twin scoops at the leading edge of the car and a dual pin and stock Mustang hood lock mechanism. Other changes included a larger grille opening created by a fiberglass front valance panel with the first American twin rectangular driving lights. Just before 1968 Shelby production, the Shelby manufacturing group (Shelby Automotive Inc.) moved from Torrance, California to Ionia, Michigan due to the need for high-quality fiberglass as more components required it. This led to the three Shelby divisions of the Shelby Automotive Inc., Shelby Racing Co., and Shelby Parts. Interesting facts include that some cars came with Ford's tilt-away steering column but was not an option that could be specifically ordered; also all air-conditioned models came with tinted glass directly from Ford which was not altered by Shelby. A new 250 hp, 302 cubic inch, V8 engine was offered as well as a 360 hp, 428 cubic inch Police Interceptor V8; and a 335 hp, 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8. Mid-1968, Shelby introduced the GT-500KR or "King of the Road" which used Ford's new unofficially rated 400hp, 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine along with other handling/safety modifications to contain the power. One of the most popular convertible options was surfboard attachment rings located on the top of the roll-bar.

Sales Brochures (compare years)

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
4451 02 63 Fastback GT-350 1027
02 63 Fastback GT-500 1046
02 63 Fastback GT-500KR 1053
03 76 Convertible GT-350 404
03 76 Convertible GT-500 402
03 76 Convertible GT-500KR 518
prototype 65 Hardtop GT-500 1

Paint Color Codes (compare years, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Raven Black A M1724
Medium Blue D M3077
Lime Green (Lime Gold*) I M2041
Wimbledon White M M1619
Dark Green R M3067
Candy Apple Red T M2008
Gold Y M3073
Yellow blank M3217
Special Orange** WT5185
Special Yellow** WT6066
Special Green** WT7081
* 1968 Ford Mustang color name
** Special Order Color

Engine Data (compare years, see more 1968 performance information)

VIN Displacement Carb Compression Max Power Max Torque
Shelby GT-350 250hp V8 (standard) J 302ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 250hp 4800rpm 310ft-lb 2800rpm
Shelby GT-350 335hp supercharged V8 (optional) J 302ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 335hp 5200rpm 325ft-lb 3200rpm
Shelby GT-500 325hp V8 (early standard) S* 390ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 325hp 4800rpm 427ft-lb 3200rpm
Shelby GT-500 360hp V8 Police Interceptor (late standard) R 428ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 360hp 5400rpm 420ft-lb 3200rpm
Shelby GT-500 400hp V8 (early option) R 427ci 4-bbl 10.6:1 400hp 5600rpm 460ft-lb 3200rpm
Shelby GT-500KR 335hp V8 Cobra Jet (late option) R 428ci 4-bbl 10.6:1 335hp** 5200rpm 440ft-lb 3400rpm
* some were actually R-code 428ci Police Interceptor engines
**some claim 410hp but Ford rated it lower for insurance reasons

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Year: 8 = 1968
Assembly: T = Metuchen, New Jersey
02 = Fastback GT-350
02 = Fastback GT-500
02 = Fastback GT-500KR
03 = Convertible GT-350
03 = Convertible GT-500
03 = Convertible GT-500KR
J = GT-350 250hp, 302ci, V8
R = GT-500 335hp, 428ci, V8 Cobra Jet
R = GT-500KR 400hp(unoffical), 428ci Cobra Jet
S = GT-500 360hp, 428ci, V8 Police Interceptor
Ford Unit Number: 1968 Ford base model start at 00001
Shelby Unit Number: 1968 Shelby modification start at 0001
The Shelby VIN number is found on the top upper flange of the right and left front fender apron visible with the hood up, on a plated riveted to the top of the dashboard on the passenger's side, and on the warranty plate on the driver's door.

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