1968 Ford Mustang Data Explorer summary
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Show some Ford Mustangs from 1968
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Body Styles (compare years, see more 1968 style information including Special Models)




In 1968, Ford offered six V8 engines with the 335hp, 428ci, V8 Cobra Jet at the top of the list. The front end lost its "Ford" letters, and the side Mustang lettering changed from block-style to script-style. The Mustang emblem became "floating" on the front grille, and extra lights on the grille were also floating. Simple chrome trim ended the body side cove at the wheel air scoops.

The GT was offered with "C" stripes that followed the top of the side cove and around the end air scoop. Early in 1968, Ford offered a limited edition "C" stripe Mustang sale which by mid-March turned into a limited edition Mustang Sprint sale allowing dealers to offer even more options as part of local sales promotions. By the end of March, many local "territorial" special Mustang sales existed, each with its own limited edition Mustang. Some of these included the California Special GT, the Virginia area Cardinal Special, the Pennsylvania his and hers Colt and Lady Mustang, and the Louisiana Dixie special. The California Rainbow of Colors, the Denver High Country Special, and the Seattle Golden Nugget Special were also part of the many special and limited edition 1968 Mustangs offered. Both 1967 and 1968 saw the most number of local special and limited edition Mustangs.

Sales Brochures (compare years)

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
317,404 01 65 Hardtop 249,447
02 63 Fastback 42,581
03 76 Convertible 25,376

Paint Color Codes (compare years, large examples, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Raven Black A M1724
Royal Maroon B M3059
Acapulco Blue D M3077
Gulfstream Aqua F M3065
Lime Gold I M2041
Wimbledon White M M1619
Diamond Blue N M0921
Seafoam Green O M2040
Brittany Blue Q M1624
Highland Green R M3067
Candyapple Red T M2008
Tahoe Turquoise U M1070
Meadowlark Yellow W M3120
Presidential Blue X M3061
Sunlit Gold Y M3073
Pebble Beige 6 M1631
Corporate Yellow* M3217
Special Orange* WT5185
Special Yellow* WT6066
Special Green* WT7081
Shelby standard colors are ADIMRTY
*Special Order Color
5 (in second digit) for blackout hood louver panels
Cardinal Special
- Cardinal Red M2008
Color of the Month special colors
- Black Hills Gold WT3822
- Passionate Pink WT9036
- Emerald Green WT7819 1968 Bronco example
- Eastertime Coral WT9012
Golden Mustang
- Special Gold WT3822
Rainbow of Colors
- Flower Power Red WT5185
- Hot Pink WT9036 same as Passionate Pink
- Caribbean Coral WT9012 same as Eastertime Coral
- Madagascar Orange WT5063
- Spanish Gold WT3822 same as Black Hills Gold
- Dandelion Yellow WT6018
- Whipped Cream WT1179
- Moss Green WT7080
- Olive Green WT7105
- Forest Green WT7126
- Poppy Green WT7034
- Beatnik Blue WT8095
- Sierra Blue WT8002
- Powerful Purple WT9083

Engine Data (compare years, see more 1968 performance information)

VIN Displacement Carb Compression Max Power (gross) Max Torque (gross)
Standard 115hp 6-cyl T 200ci 1-bbl 8.8:1 115hp 4400rpm 190ft-lb 2400rpm
Optional 195hp V8 C 289ci 2-bbl 8.7:1 195hp 4600rpm 288ft-lb 2600rpm
Optional 210hp V8 F 302ci 2-bbl 9.0:1 210hp 4600rpm 300ft-lb 2600rpm
Optional 230hp V8 J 302ci 4-bbl 10.0:1 230hp 4800rpm 310ft-lb 2800rpm
Optional 280hp V8 X 390ci 2-bbl 10.5:1 280hp 4400rpm
Optional GT 325hp V8 S 390ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 325hp 4800rpm 427ft-lb 3200rpm
Optional Cobra Jet 335hp V8 R 428ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 335hp 5200rpm 440ft-lb 3400rpm
Optional High Perf 390hp V8 W 427ci 4-bbl 10.9:1 390hp 5600rpm 460ft-lb 3200rpm

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Year: 8 = 1968
F = Dearborn Michigan
R = San Jose, California
T = Metuchen, New Jersey
01 = Hardtop
02 = Fastback
03 = Convertible
T = Standard 115hp 200ci 6-Cyl
C = Optional 195hp 289ci V8
F = Optional 210hp 302ci 2V V8
J = Optional 230hp 302ci 4V V8
X = Optional 280hp 390ci 2V V8 (rare)
S = Optional GT 325hp 390ci 4V V8
R = Optional Cobra Jet 335hp 428ci V8
W = Optional High Perf 390hp 427ci V8
Unit Number: 1968 Mustangs start at 100001
For 1968, the VIN number was moved to the top edge of the dash on the passenger side visible through the windshield.

Options Available (compare years)

 200ci 1v 115hp 6-cylinder Engine (T-code)
 289ci 2v 195hp V8 Engine (C-code)
 302ci 2v 210hp V8 Engine (F-code)
 302ci 4v 230hp (GT-350) V8 Engine (J-code)
 390ci 2v 280hp V8 Engine (X-code)
 390ci 4v 325hp (GT) V8 Engine (S-code)
 427ci 4v 390hp HiPo (High Performance) V8 Engine (W-code)
 427ci 4v 400hp (GT-500) V8 (R-code)
 427ci 4v 400hp (GT-500) V8 (S-code)
 428ci 4v 335hp (GT-500) V8 Cobra Jet Engine (R-code)
 428ci 4v 360hp (GT-500) V8 Police Interceptor Engine (S-code)
 428ci 4v 400hp (GT-500KR) V8 Cobra Jet Engine (R-code)
 Paxton Supercharger (GT-350)
 Cruise-O-Matic Automatic Transmission
 3-Speed Manual Transmission
 4-Speed Manual Transmission
 Power Brakes
 Power Steering
 Exterior Decor Group (hood scoops/louvers)
 Two tone hood louver paint
 Hood Scoops (Shelby)
 Sprint A Option Group (GT wheels, GT side stripes, C-code engine)
 Sprint B Option Group (GT wheels, GT fog lights, upgraded V8 engine)
 Vinyl Roof
 Power Convertible Top
 Vinyl Body-Side Moldings
 Side Scoops (Shelby GT/CS)
 Rear Quarter Window Scoops (Shelby)
 Dual Over-the-top Racing Stripes (Shelby)
 Rocker Accent Stripes
 Shelby Rocker Panel Stripes
 GT Rocker Panel Stripes
 GT Reflecting C-Stripes
 GT Grille-Mounted Fog Lamps
 GT Dual Chrome Exhaust thru Rear Valance Cut-outs
 Rear Spoiler (Shelby GT/CS)
 Luggage Rack (trunk lid mounted)
 Left-hand (driver-side) Remote Mirror
 Right-hand (passenger-side) Mirror
 Chrome Door Edge Guards
 Deluxe Steering Wheel (wood)
 Tilt/Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
 Cruise-O-Matic Cruise Control
 In-Dash Tach Large (Shelby)
 In-Dash Tach Mini
 Stewart Werner Oil/Amp Gauges in Console (Shelby)
 AM Push Button Radio
 AM/FM Push Button Radio
 Stereosonic 8-Track Tape System
 Electric Clock
 Center Console
 SelectAire Air Conditioner
 Interior Decor Group (two tone dash/seats/doors)
 Deluxe Interior (Wood Dash/Console Inserts, Steering Wheel & Door Panel Accents)
 Front Seat Headrests
 Front Bench Seat
 Fold down rear seat
 Styled Steel Wheels (V8)
 15-inch Shelby Aluminum 10-Spoke Wheels
 Steel Wheels w/ Mag Style Wheel Covers
 Wire Wheel Covers
 12-hole Wheels w/ Aluminum GT Style Hub Caps
 12-hole Wheels w/ Aluminum GT Style Hub Caps w/o GT Identification
 21-spoke Wheel Covers (hub caps)

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