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Trunk ! The trunk may be small, but you can extend large items into interior through that little door in the back when the back seat is folded down.
VIN number on fender One place to find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is under the hood on top of the driver's side fender. The 7 is for the 1967 model year. The R is for the San Jose, California assembly plant. The 02 is for the fastback body style. The C is for the optional 200hp 289 V8 engine. The last part, 118369, is the sequential unit number.
Dataplate This Vehicle Certification Tag (data plate) is located on the rear inside end of the driver's side door. It's has blue paint on it. I bet this car was painted blue at one time. The Vehicle Identification Number can also be found on this plate - in the upper left corner. Down the middle from left to right is information of how the car was configured when it was first assembled. The 63 is for the fastback body style while the A is for the bucket seats. The next letter, the paint color, is hidden in the silver area before the 2A. It is too hard to make out. The 2 is for the standard bucket seats in A black vinyl. The next part is the build date of 14th of K October. 71 is the Los Angeles, California DSO who ordered the car. It seems to be missing the axle code, but the W is for the C-4 automatic transmission. Not sure what the O before the W is for.

Special Order Cream Yellow 1967 Mustang Hardtop This Special Order Cream Yellow Mustang, 289ci V8, hardtop is owned by Michael Gellrich of Germany and was our Attitude Of The Week for January 17, 2010. This is a blank paint code Mustang; meaning, the car was factory painted a non-standard production color. Michael tells us more. We found the car in the Netherlands, there is a dealer who sells only Mustangs 1964-1972. It was a great looking car in our eyes and we bought the pony. At home we saw that there was a missing paint code in the VIN. After sending a chip of paint (found under the rear seat) to Marti Auto, we got the answer that the pony was painted with the special paint called "Cream". We started a search for Mustangs painted in cream, but found no other cars. Then we put our question in the vintage mustang forum and Kevin Marti wrote us that there were 5 cars (with different options) which was ordered by one dealer (Ed Chovanes Ford, San Leandro CA). So we know that we have got a very special car. The Mustang was painted over one time (we hope with the original color) and was a one owner car from San Jose.
Special Order Cream Yellow 67 Mustang Hardtop Here is a great shot of Michael's Special Order 1967 Mustang hardtop showing off its steel styled wheels, black vinyl roof, and cream paint which has been matched to Ford Cream MX702587 with a paint chip removed from under the seat. A similar 1967, Ford, Mustang, production color is Spring Time Yellow.
Special Order Cream Yellow 1967 Mustang Hardtop A sunset or sunrise view of Michael's 1967, Special Order, 289ci V8, Mustang hardtop.
Special Order Cream Yellow 1967 Mustang Hardtop Another excellent view of Michael's Special Order 1967 Mustang.
Special Order Cream Yellow 1967 Mustang Hardtop The door data tag of this car reads: 65A hardtop body style, blank paint code indicating a special order paint, 2A black bucket seats, 13A assembled on the 13th of January 1967, 72 ordered in the San Jose area, 1343 special order number (ordered by Ed Chovanes Ford of San Leandro CA), 1 3.00:1 rear axle ratio, and W automatic transmission. The car was ordered with a black vinyl roof, automatic transmission, rocker panel molding, power disc brakes, power steering, center console, AM/8-track radio, tinted glass, and upgraded wheel covers.
Special Order Cream Yellow 1967 Mustang Hardtop Action shot of Michael speeding along in his 1967 special order cream Mustang hardtop.
1967 Ford Mustang A-code 289ci V8 Engine View of the 1967, Ford, Mustang, A-code, 289 cubic inch, 4-barrel, V8 engine.

Black 67 Mustang Raven Black 1967 Mustang hardtop outfitted with 14 inch Magnum 500 wheels. It has aftermarket front bucket seats.
Left Front View Raven Black 1967 Mustang hardtop, left front view. The chin spoiler is off a later year mustang.
Left Rear View Raven Black 1967 Mustang hardtop, left rear view. Nice!
Right Rear View Right rear shot of this awesome Raven Black 1967 Mustang hardtop.
Front End View Raven Black 1967 Mustang hardtop, front end view.
V8 289ci Engine This is the 225hp 289ci V8 A-code engine which was one step up from the 200hp smallest V8 offered in 1967.
Interior A peek at the black interior. Those front buckets are not original.

Dusk Rose 1967 Mustang Hardtop Teri Garcia owns this Dusk Rose pink, 1967, 200 Sprint, Mustang hardtop which was our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 31st, 2010. Teri tells us more: My Mom and Dad bought me my 1967 Mustang in 1995 (my senior year of high school). When I got my Mustang it was Red. It is a 6-cylinder 200 sport sprint with a 3 speed on the floor. We did not know what we had until my brother went to put a new stereo in the car and saw the floor boards were pink. We ran the codes and sure enough it was originally Dusk Rose. My brother really had to twist my arm to restore it back to the original color. I always wanted a red Mustang. In 2002, I finally had it restore back to it's original color. It was done just in time for my wedding. In 2007 we had the engine rebuilt, engine compartment redone, and a good bit of the suspension redone. Restoring this Mustang back to the original color was the best thing we ever did. People are so curious about it. We have so much fun meeting and talking to people about our Mustang. We have won many awards. We have two 2nd place awards and one 3rd place from the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Dusk Rose 67 Mustang Hardtop This 1967 Sprint 200 Mustang hardtop owned by Teri Garcia has been restored to its original Dusk Rose pink exterior paint. Dusk Rose was originally a 1957 Ford Thunderbird production color which came back in 1967 as a special order production color (door data tag: code S, which Teri found on this car) for the Mustang. Dusk Rose was one of two pinks available for 1967 Mustangs, the other was Playboy Pink. From 1967 to 1969 several shades of Pink were offered as a special order.
Dusk Rose 1967 Mustang Hardtop Coming back from shopping in a Pink Mustang! 1967 was the second year the Sprint package was offered. The 1967, 200 Sprint sport options package included: hood vents/louvers, white wall tires, full wheel covers, bright metal rocker panel moldings, chrome air cleaner, and vinyl covered shift handle if an automatic transmission was ordered. See what was offered in each year of the Sprint package.
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