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Black Interior 1966 Mustang GT Hardtop Black interior of a 1966 Mustang GT hardtop with center console, wood grain trim, automatic transmission, and AM radio.
Black Interior Dash 66 Mustang GT Hardtop Dash close-up view of a 1966 Mustang GT hardtop.
1966 Mustang 289ci V8 Engine This Mustang has a 1966, A-code, 289cid-4V, Challenger, V8 engine. All the 1966 Mustang 289 cubic inch V8's were Challengers.

St Patrick's Day Parade Special David Armocido sends us these photos of his 1966 St. Patrick's Day Special Mustang. David says, Mustang is a one of one(color) car that was painted a special green color for Harrold Ford of Sacramento, California for the 1966 St. Patrick Day Parade. Harrold Ford started in 1911 and is still operating today. Color has been verified by Window Sticker showing Special Paint, No Charge, family members of Ellsworth Harrold Ford, The original owner, and additional information obtained by the Marty Report Company in Arizona, and by the color delete on the VIN. I purchased the car from the second owner in November 2002. It was a father daughter project. This amazing car is our Attitude Of The Week starting June 30, 2019.
Interior view Peek inside David's 1966 St Patrick Day Parade Mustang.
T-code 200ci 6-cylinder engine View of the 200 cubic inch, 1-barrel, in-line 6-cylinder engine popular with many special order paint Mustangs.
original special order green Here is a view of the original special order green that is under the front dashboard cover.
original receipt The receipt shows the options of special paint, exhaust emission control, closed emission system, AM radio, front and rear deluxe seat belts, 25PD electric wiper, and tinted windshield. The door data tag for this car is 65A (2-door hardtop), blank paint code (special order paint), 25 (dark red with red trim interior) , 04 C (March 4th scheduled final assembly date), 72 (San Jose ordering district), 3 (3.20:1 rear axle), and 1 (3-speed manual transmission).

Silver Blue 1966 Mustang T-5 Fastback This is a rare Silver Blue 1966 T-5 Ford fastback with a blue interior. It was exported to Germany where Ford could not register the "Mustang" name for sale. Ford replaced the "Mustang" emblems with "T-5" emblems. You also had the choice of a miles-per-hour or kilometers-per hour speedometer. These cars also came with a stiffer shock tower brace for the German autobahn. This car sold at the 2006 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Arizona auction for $27,000.
Silver Blue 1966 Mustang T-5 Fastback Silver Blue 1966 T-5 Ford fastback, right side view. The long rectangular emblem to the left of the tri-bar pony on the front fender (just behind the wheel opening) is the T-5 emblem.
Silver Blue 1966 Mustang T-5 Fastback Silver Blue 1966 T-5 Ford fastback, left rear view.
1966 Mustang T-5 Engine This has the smallest of the V8 engines offered in 1966. Its the 289ci 200hp version. The T-5s had a stiffer strut brace for the German autobahn.
1966 Mustang T-5 Dash Here is a show of the dash. The "Mustang" wording has been removed from the center of the steering wheel. Compare with this photo of a regular 1966 Mustang steering wheel. The speedometer appears to be in miles-per-hour which was mainly purchased by US soldiers stationed in Germany.

Emberglow 1966 Mustang Emberglo 1966 Mustang hardtop owned by Joe Parker from Charlotte, North Carolina. It has its original 289ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Joe tells us more, "My Father bought the Mustang for my Mother's Christmas present in 1965. It was Emberglo red with a black interior. Mom gave the car to me in 1971. I drove it for years until I left it in Texas to get restored when I moved back to North Carolina in 1990. The shop removed the engine and painted the engine compartment then let it sit for seven years and did not do any more work so I had it brought back to NC and left it with a restorer in Waxhaw NC till 2013. I kept in touch with him and he kept telling me he would do the work but it never got done. My Mom really didn't believe I would ever get it finished. When we picked it up to take it to the third restorer (Barry Stone); we found it in a lot behind the shop with the windows cracked open and many missing parts. We took it to get the body work done and it took three people 734 hours to complete the work. The engine and transmission were sent out to rebuilders. Then Barry went to work putting it all back together. He finished in August this year (2015). Sadly, Mom died in July and did not get to see it finished, but she did get to see over 100 pictures documenting the progress. It ended up costing over $52,000 for the restoration. The engine is no longer stock (aluminum heads, new cam, new intake and carburetor), I had the interior color changed and had a Cobra hood to replace the stock hood. I also had the suspension beefed up. I love the results and plan to drive it for many more years."
Emberglow 1966 Mustang Emberglo 1966 Mustang hardtop, front end view.
1966 Mustang Interior Check out the interior. The interior is also emberglo with parchment accents.
1966 Mustang Engine The engine is a 289ci V8.
1966 Mustang Project Here it is before restoration. Or probably after one of the started restorations.

Sapphire Blue 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 Fastback Sapphire Blue 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 fastback with Shelby front fascia and grille with off-center emblem, hood scoop, Shelby 1966 production wheels, white GT350 side stripe, Lemans over the top white stripe, and hood pins. This car has its original 306hp (at 6000rpm), 289 cubic inch, 4 barrel, V8 engine.
Black Interior 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 Fastback Black Interior of a 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 fastback.
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