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White 64 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Here is a close-up of the decals on the side of the car.
White 1964 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Pace Car White 1964 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car, left rear view. This one does have the driver's side door mirror. Many didn't because they were delivered to the dealer without them.
1964 Mustang Engine Under the hood is the 260hp V8 engine.
1964 Mustang Interior The interior is white and blue. The seats, door panels, and headliner are white. The carpet and top of the dash is blue.
1964 Mustang Dash Nice clear close-up of the dash. It has a 120mph speedometer.
1964 Mustang Radio This AM radio was an option in 1964. In this shot you can see the labels on the climate controls. The slide knobs say; Heat, Temp, and Def. There is also a button over the Temp control. Can anyone please leave a comment and explain how each of these controls is used?
1964 Mustang Data Tag This data plate is located on the rear end of the driver's side door. The body type of 65A is the 1965 (late 64) body with standard seats. Color of C is for Pace Car White. Trim of 42 is white vinyl with blue trim. Date of 13D is for a build date of April 13th 1964. DSO of 51 is for the Denver district. The axle 1 has a 3.00 gears. And the transmission of 6 is for the automatic.

1964 Red Mustang Convertible on 33 cent 1993 USPS stamp This 1999 33 cent stamp from the United States Postal Service features a 1964 Rangoon Red Mustang convertible. The stamp is one of 15 saluting the 1960s as part of the postal service's "Celebrate the Century" program to honor the people, places, events and trends of each decade of this century.

Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang Hardtop Ford Promotional Photo Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang hardtop Ford promotional photo with metal rocker panel trim and 14 inch standard wheel covers.

Red 1964 Mustang This red 1964 Mustang hardtop has a 6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, and a rare bench seat. It has aftermarket wheels and an added rocker stripe.
1964 Mustang 6-cyl Engine Check out this in-line 6-cylinder engine. It was rated at 105 horsepower.
1964 Mustang Interior This mustang has a bench seat. The interior code was originally 89 which is Palomino Vinyl with Palomino Trim. It has been recovered in a black and red vinyl trim.
1964 Mustang Dash This is the standard instrument arrangement for the 1964 Mustang. A 5-gauge arrangement was an option in 1965 then standard equipment on the 1966 Mustangs.

Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang Convertible This is a Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang convertible shown at the 10th annual River City Mustang and All Ford Show at Uftring Ford in East Peoria, Illinois. The show was held on September 20th. It was overcast most of the morning. It was raining when I arrived to take photos.
Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang Convertible Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang convertible, front end view. This Mustang has the GT style fog lights. Since it was raining, most people were standing under cover next to the dealership showroom in the background.
Phoenician Yellow 64 Mustang Convertible Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang convertible, left front view.
Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang Convertible Phoenician Yellow 1964 Mustang convertible, left rear view. The exhaust exit out the rear valance panel like a GT.
Luggage Rack A close-up of the rear decklid luggage rack.

1964 Ford Mustang Promotional Book This is the cover of the 1964 Ford Mustang Promotional booklet. Check out the inside pages, they are very detailed showing how much Ford wanted to promote this new car. Sorry for the wrinkles, its old.
Wimbledon White Mustang in the 1964 Ford Mustang Promotional booklet This Wimbledon White Mustang hardtop is a two page spread right inside the front cover of the 1964 Ford Mustang promotional booklet. The text reads, New Ford Mustang ... a totally new king of total performance Ford! This is the car you never expected from Detroit. It is so distinctively beautiful it has received the Tiffany Award for Excellence in American Design, the first automobile ever to be so honored by Tiffany & Co. Mustang has the look, the fire, the flavor of one of the great European road cars. Yet it is as American as its name... and as practical as its price. Mustang is the newest expression of Ford's policy of creating contemporary classics. In the Mustang Ford has created a totally new car for a new generation of Americans... to more completely answer modern American needs and tastes. You have rarely seen an automobile from Detroit to match Mustang's styling beauty at any price. Yet Mustang's prices is so unexpectedly low, you'll find it hard to believe - even harder to believe when you add up all of the standard equipment which the low Mustang price includes!
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