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This is a history of the 1967 Mustang as seen by national and local Mustang articles, press releases, and advertisements. This is an interesting view of the Mustang throughout the years because we can see what was important each year through photos, graphics, models, written text, phrases, etc. Most unexpectedly it also shows an interesting view of why styles changed and how special promotions created special and limited edition Mustangs. See the links provided for more newspaper articles, information, and examples of the Mustangs shown.

Summary: 1967 started after a very successful set of special 1966 promotional Mustangs offered the previous year including the Millionth Mustang Sprint special. Several 1967 Mustang special models and limited editions were already advertised at the end of 1966 which included the Maryland Blazer Limited Edition Mustang, Chicagoland Limited Edition 400, the Denver Ski Country Special, and the Tussy Cosmetics Sweepstake Mustangs. The 1967 special models and limited editions didn't just stop in the fall of 66, they continued strong in the 1967 calendar year with a new 3rd birthday Sports Sprint Limited Edition national promotion which was followed by the Texas Lone Star Limited, and the Indiana Pacesetter. Many of these special models had special paints which resulted in the most number of paints offered on a Mustang in a single year. We've collected a list of over 40.

This list is not complete. We've identified the 1967 colors but not found the special models of a Red, Lavender, and several Anniversary Golds. Hopefully we will find newspaper advertisements for them soon.

Mt Vernon Register News - January 17, 1967, Mt Vernon, Illinois

In Illinois, the 1967 calendar year started with a father and son Mustang sale. This ad says, Dad buys new Mustang this week at a special price, Son receives free new 1967 Mustang, a 16 inch model, quality built toy Mustang motorized with batteries. The 1966 Millionth Mustang sale a year earlier had a similar promotion.

Algona Upper Des Moines - January 17, 1967, Algona, Iowa

Starting in January 1967 a series of advertisements promoted a Super Valu Silver Anniversary Mustang sweepstakes which featured 7 silver 1967 Mustangs; and 100, 16 inch scale, electric, model Mustangs. Judging from the advertisement and the 1967 Mustang colors, we believe all 7 Mustangs were silver frost and were hardtops. At the time, Super Valu was mainly in the upper Midwest. Who won these Mustang? Check out selections from the full add sequence for the names and locations of all 7 winners.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - February 3, 1967, Colorado Springs, Colorado

In February of 1967, Denver continues the High Country Special promotion with a Custom 500, Galaxie 500 and Ford Truck special model. Eventually a 1967 High Country Special Mustang was added to this list. See August 1st listed below for one ad for the Mustang High Country Special.

Press-Telegram - March 8, 1967, Long Beach, California

Beginning in March of 1967 the Sprint Limited edition Mustang began to be offered. This ad from March 8th is one of the earliest ones we've found which included upgraded wheel covers, chrome air cleaner cover, louvered hood with built in directional signals, vinyl covered shift lever, metal rocker panel molding, and much more! as the ad says. The 1967 Sprint Mustang was also called the Sport Sprint or 3rd Anniversary Sprint.

The Edwardsville Intelligencer - March 13, 1967, Edwardsville, Illinois

Here is an earlier version of a National ad for the 1967 Mustang Sport Sprint. It says you get sporty extra like sports-car hood, and whitewall tires. In small print it says it comes with whitewall tires, an engine dress-up kit (chrome air cleaner cover), GT hood (louvered hood with integrated turn signals), bucket seats, and more; the luggage rack shown is optional extra.

Syracuse Herald-Journal - March 16, 1967, Syracuse, New York (full page Sprint ad used everywhere)

This was a common version of a National ad for the 1967 Sprint Mustang Limited-Edition. In this case it was limited to the hardtop body style only. A rear decklid mounted Sporty luggage rack is optional

Delaware County Daily Times - March 16, 1967, Chester, Pennsylvania

This is a fun ad by Country Side Ford of Springfield, Pennsylvania. It's a pink version of the Sprint Mustang. These pink Mustangs were listed in many Country Side Ford ads for the next several months. They must have had trouble selling them.

The Bridgeport Telegram - March 24, 1967, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Here the Sports Sprint ad doesn't show the optional luggage rack but does list Plush Carpeting as a standard feature.

The News-Palladium - March 24, 1967, Benton Harbor, Michigan

This is a nice single color variation of the Sport Sprint Mustang with a much light colored car on a black background. Still there is a lot of black in this ad, making me think my fingers will turn black from handling the page with all the ink.

Robesonian - March 24, 1967, Lumberton, North Carolina

This is an interesting ad from North Carolina which shows how easily a the Sprint Mustang could be turned into a local, territorial special which typically features a limited number of Mustangs and a special badge. Now this Carolina Sprint doesn't have a special badge, but one could have been easily added by the dealer to bring in more customers.

The Daily Telegram - March 27, 1967, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This variation of the National Mustang Sport Sprint ad printed in Wisconsin says it all. It explains it as a 3rd Birthday Anniversary special model with special options at a special price.

The News-Palladium - March 31, 1967, Benton Harbor, Michigan

By the end of March, many dealers offered the Sport Sprint Mustang in any of the three Mustang body styles. This included the convertible and fastback along with the hardtop.

Mt Vernon Register News - April 10, 1967, Mt Vernon, Illinois

By the end of the 3rd Birthday, Sports Sprint Mustang, promotion the National ads had become very well developed. We even see a birthday cake on the hood with three candles on it. This ad along with some of the previous continued to run in newspapers into July of 1967.

Winnsboro News - April 13, 1967, Winnsboro, Texas best one

Starting in mid April, dealers in Texas start offering a specially painted and badged Sport Sprint Mustang called the Lone Star Limited. Sold exclusively in Texas this Sprint optioned Mustang included a special Blue Bonnet blue exterior paint and Lone Star Limited emblem. We also have a variant on this ad.

Logansport Pharos-Tribune and Press - May 1, 1967, Logansport, Indiana

The Indy Pacesetter limited edition was produced to honor the May, Indy 500 race, without being an official Indy pace car. The car was offered in the Indianapolis area. We believe 324 of these cars were build and featured Scotchlite stripes (reflective possibly blue over black dual stripes) on Wimbledon White exterior paint, special rear grille (white taillight panel with blue pin stripe highlights), sporty louvered hood with integrated turn signals, sport tires with the optional V8, bucket seats, blue interior vinyl trim, full carpeting, and full wheel covers with whitewall tires.

Capital Times - Monday, May 22, 1967 - Madison, Wisconsin

The three new spring colors for the Mustang became a promotion for some dealers. This ad from Wisconsin's Middleton Ford Village advertises three of them: Diamond Green, Diamond Blue, and Dusk Rose. And all on Sport Sprint optioned Mustangs.

Delaware County Daily Times - June 1, 1967, Chester, Pennsylvania

Just as in 1966, 1967 was the year of the Sprint optioned Mustang. We've spend quite a bit of time showing you the advertisements because they show how the promotion evolved over time and was interpreted by various dealers. And how some dealers took it forward another step to base a local, territorial limited edition Mustang from it. By June of 1967 the Sport Spring saw some continuation in a few locations with ads and sales like this one.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - August 1, 1967, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Just as August 1966 introduced the Denver area High Country Special Mustang, August 1967 showed us an updated version with some new exclusive colors. This ad from Colorado Springs calls it a High Country Mustang with special colors, high country medallions, and a special low price. The ad says, When you own a 1967 High Country Mustang you know there are only 399 others like it. These limited production models with distinguishing medallions offer you a choice of three special "High Country" colors . . . Aspen Gold, Timberline Green, and Columbine Blue. We've included these Mustangs in our year end clearance sale. They're going at special low prices. This is the only shipment we get, so don't delay. Test drive the "High Country" Mustangs today.

Dunkirk Evening Observer - August 3, 1967, Dunkirk-Fredonia, New York

How do you get rid of any remaining Sport Sprint Mustangs? Well, you can have a Cars-A-Poppin' Clearance!. Later on (especially in 1968) you'll see even more drastic ways to sell off 1967 Sprint optioned cars. One of them was the Branded Special.

The Cuero Record - Monday, November 13, 1967 - Cuero, Texas

And what do you do with a Pink Mustang that is not selling. Well, If you don't like pink, we'll paint it any color you want.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - December 14, 1967, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Give your car (or someone else's) an accessory gift for Christmas says this December ad. How about a Mustang Saddle-Pack Console in your stocking, maybe a Stereo 8 Track Player, or a model of a Mustang fastback. Come on down to Phil Long Ford with two convenient locations: Motor City or Truck Center.

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