History of Mustang through the Newspaper's Eyes - 1966
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This is a history of the 1966 Mustang as seen by national and local Mustang articles, press releases, and advertisements. This is an interesting view of the Mustang throughout the years because we can see what was important each year through photos, graphics, models, written text, phrases, etc. Most unexpectedly it also shows an interesting view of why styles changed and how special promotions created special and limited edition Mustangs. See the links provided for more newspaper articles, information, and examples of the Mustangs shown.

Summary: 1966 started with a one millionth Mustang sold sale which featured special sporty/luxury optioned Mustangs and the 200ci 6-cylinder engine. The package was known as the Sprint Mustang. By spring a few dealers got together to create local promotional Limited-Edition packages based on the Sprint Mustang. The Virgina/Ohio Silver Mink Sprint and the Denver High Country Mustang are examples. The 1966 calendar year ended with the introduction of the 1967 Mustang and several local (territorial) special Mustangs which included Canadian Player's Mustangs, the Pennsylvania Mustang Blazer, and the Chicagoland Limited 400.

Lethbridge Herald - January 10, 1966, Lethbridge, Alberta

Another Player's Smoker Wins a '66 Mustang says this advertisement from Alberta, Canada about Mrs. Jean Edgson who won a specially painted blue and white 1966 Mustang in a Player's cigarette sweepstakes. An ad like this could never be run today, especially calling a valued customer a "smoker". This was the last winner of a set of Mustangs given out by Player's Tobacco Company. The promotion started in 1965, stating that every week for 10 weeks starting October 25th a Player's Mustang will be given away. The special Blue and White Player's Sweepstake Mustangs were given away in several promotions from 1965 through 1968, although we have only found advertisements from 1965 and 1966.

Independent - January 14, 1966, Long Beach, California

1966 started with articles on the Italian Carrozzeria Bertone Mustang, based on the Ford Mustang. The article says, This one-of-a-kind Mustang, designed and built in Italy by Carrozzeria Bertone is an eye-pleasing mixture of pure function and exotic elegance. Among the car's special design features is a handsome brushed stainless steel roof which combines luxurious appearance with structural simplicity. The car is on a tour of major auto exhibitions in Europe.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - February 10, 1966, Colorado Springs, Colorado

A Mustang White Sale: showing a special limited edition Mustang with full length console, wire wheel covers, accent paint stripes, and a chrome air cleaner. Later this combination along with the 200ci 6-cylinder was called the Sprint. The White Sale is interesting. . . Wikipedia says this on the origins of the White Sale: In 1878, John Wanamaker of Philadelphia department store fame decreed January to be the time for a white sale. Bed linens, which were available in white only, were sold at a discount. It is believed he might have done so to keep linen makers in business during a slow time of year. Later the sale was extended to other items but still happening in January.

The Sunday Messenger - February 27, 1966, Athens, Ohio

By the end of February the specially optioned Mustang started to be called the Sprint 200 as shown in the lower part of this ad from Beasley & Mathews Ford of Athens, Ohio. They have five Sprint 200's with automatic transmission, full interior center console, wire wheel covers, allent stripe, and chrome. The allent stripe might be a misprint of accent stripe, and the chrome might indicate a chrome air cleaner cover?

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - March 29, 1966, Fairbanks, Alaska

Millionth Mustang Month: Although the earliest version of this national Ford ad we could find was on March 27th, 1966; it was extensively run in nearly every newspaper in the US (even Alaska) from March 29th through the 31st. The tiny print says it all, April is Millionth Mustang Month. For 30 days you can save on a limited-edition Mustang so special its low price includes: wire-style wheel covers, accent paint stripe, chromed air cleaner and a console. You also got: 5-dial instrument cluster, a lively 200-cu. in. Six, sports steering wheel, 7-feature safety package, courtesy lights, lots more. Come into your Ford Dealer's now. . . come out ahead on savings.

The Progress-Index - April 3, 1966, Petersburg, Virginia

Millionth Mustang Success Sale!!! This was a common ad run in April for the Millionth Mustang Sale. It shows a Sprint 200 Option Group: body side accent stripe, chrome air cleaner, engine decal, wire-style wheel coves, center console. Plus the Safety Equipment Group: padded instrument panel & sun visors, outside rearview mirror, seat belts front & rear, backup lights, emergency flasher (where permitted by law), windshield washer, and electric wipers. Looks like in some states, the law restricted emergency caution lights only to the police and fire departments.

Suburbanite Economist - April 6, 1966, Chicago, Illinois

Here is another variation of the Millionth Mustang Success Sale advertisement

Weirton Daily Times - April 6, 1966, Weirton, West Virginia

Silver Mink Millionth Mustang Limited Edition: A special Mustang offered in the tri-state area of Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia area which featured special order Thunderbird Silver Mink exterior paint and a black vinyl roof. This is part of an ad placed by Biggio Ford Sales of Steubenville, Ohio. It was probably a Sprint hardtop with this special order paint and top.

Steubenville Herald Star - April 6, 1966, Steubenville, Ohio

Here is another variant from Biggio Ford Sales. Another ad says, FORD DEALER SERVING THE TRISTATE AREA ONE MILLIONTH MUSTANG SALE Limited Edition SPECIALLY EQUIPPED Beautiful Thunderbird Silver Mink with Black Vinyl Top. VERY FEW AVAILABLE. SEE IT TODAY

Oakland Tribune - April 7, 1966, Oakland, California

Easter Colors Sale We've found several versions of an Easter Mustang sale Easter collection which featured pastel colored Mustangs and options at special prices. In this ad we see that special order Playboy Pink and Thunderbird Honeydew Yellow are featured along with the 1966 Mustang colors of Springtime Yellow, Candyapple Red, Sapphire Blue, and Ember Glow orange.

Altoona Mirror - April 20, 1966, Altoona, Pennsylvania

April is still Millionth Mustang Month, and this National Ford ad extends the savings to the Fairlane, Falcon, and Thunderbird. In this ad the Limited Edition Mustang also has a personal nameplate.

The Bridgeport Post - May 24, 1966, Bridgeport, Connecticut

We Mustang owners aren't ordinary people is written in small letters in this National Ford ad for continuation of the specially equipped Mustang beyond the Millionth Mustang Month sale in April. Same options, but in this ad no listing of a personal nameplate.

The Lethbridge Herald - July 18, 1966, Lethbridge, Alberta

Canadian Blue And White Player's Mustang Special Edition This newspaper advertisement introduces the next installment of the Players Cigarettes Sweepstakes giving away specially painted Blue and White Mustangs which match its Cigarette packages.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - August 5, 1966, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Denver area dealers get together to create a local Limited Edition Mustang by August 1966 called the High Country Special. It says in small print, Be one of just 333 persons to own this High Country Special! Your choice of convertible, hardtop or 2+2 - Six or V-8. Choose from special colors: Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue, Timberline Green, - wire or regular wheels and of course the High Country Special distinguishing emblem.

Tucson Daily Citizen - October 22, 1966, Tucson, Arizona

Win a stable of pink Mustangs! says this Dole Pink Grapefruit juice-drink ad for the new 1967 Mustang. First price is two 1967 pink Mustang automobiles for Mom and Dad and two battery power pink Mustang Juniors for the kids. There is an interesting asterisk after the word pink before the full size Mustang prizes. The bottom of the ad says, or your choice of colors available. 2nd price shows two RCA 25 inch console color TVs. 3rd prize, 8mm movie cameras; 4th, 200 General Electric transistor radios with carrying case and earphones; and 300 5th prices of a Rival electric can opener. We've found these ads in the California/Arizona areas.

The Daily Courier - December 1, 1966, Connellsville, Pennsylvania

This advertisement for a Limited Edition 1967 Mustang hardtop called the Blazer was placed in the fashion section of the Daily Courier newspaper in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition hardtop is a special model we found for the Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Maryland area. It features Lime Gold exterior paint, black vinyl hardtop, personalize interior nameplate, and a Blazer exterior nameplate. The Mustang Blazer was heavily advertised November and December of 1966 in local newspapers.

Blue Island Sun-Standard - December 8, 1966, Blue Island, Illinois

The 1967 Limited Edition 400 is a special model for the Chicagoland area as the newspaper advertisements state. They were painted deep metallic gold, had louvered hoods, wheel lip and deck lid lip metal trim, deluxe wheel covers, Limited Edition 400 fender emblems, and a Limited Edition 400 owners name dash plate. We've found the advertisements! but no cars yet.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - December 16, 1966, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Denver area High Country Special Mustang was so popular that by the end of 1966, the Ski Country Special was offered which featured five special colors and specially quipped with ski racks, snow tires, equa-lock rear axle, coffee bar and medallions on the 1967 Mustang fastback and hardtop; but also on the Galaxie, Fairlane and Ford Country Sedan.

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