Data for 2011:

2011 Mustang Body Styles:

The 2011 Mustang V6 and GT has a new aluminum block/piston, double over-head cam, engine with increased horsepower, better fuel efficiency, and higher (7000rpm) redline. Both the V6 and GT also has a new tuned dual exhaust, 160mph speedometers, and new wheel offerings. That's right all Mustangs now have dual exhaust! Three new colors include Yellow Blaze, Race Red, and Ingot Silver. The GT has 5.0 fender emblems to match its 5.0L V8 engine, and the V6 is can be ordered with a bright Billet style grille found on the Mustang Club of America limited edition.

2011 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

2011 Mustang Engine Codes:

2011 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Manufacturer: 1ZV = Automotive Alliance International Ford Passenger Car

Safety: B = Air Bags & Active Seat Belts

P8A = Coupe
P8C = Coupe GT, Shelby GT-350
P8E = Convertible
P8F = Convertible GT
P8J = Coupe Shelby GT-500
P8K = Convertible Shelby GT-500

N = 3.7L 305hp V6
H = 5.0L 412hp V8 GT, Shelby GT-350
S = 5.4L 550hp V8 Shelby GT-500

Check Digit: 0-9 or X

Year: B = 2011

Assembler: 5 = AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan

Unit Number: 2011 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

2011 Mustang Special Models:

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