Data for 2002:

2002 Mustang Body Styles:

The 2002 Mustang came in a 2-door coupe and a convertible which had the same features as 2001 except for a new True Blue exterior paint and a new sound system. Contrary to most sources, 100 SVT Cobras were built in 2002, but all were sold in Australia.

2002 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

2002 Mustang Engine Codes:

2002 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Manufacturer: 1FA = Ford Motor Company USA Ford Passenger Car

Safety: F = Driver/Passenger Air Bags & Active Seat Belts

P40 = Coupe
P42 = Coupe GT
P44 = Convertible
P45 = Convertible GT
P46 = Convertble Cobra (Australia)
P47 = Coupe Cobra (Australia)

4 = 3.8L EFI V6
X = 4.6L SOHC V8 GT
V = 4.6L DOHC V8 Cobra

Check Digit: 0-9 or X

Year: 2 = 2002

Assembler: F = Dearborn, Michigan

Unit Number: 2002 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

2002 Mustang Special Models:

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