Data for 1994:

1994 Mustang Body Styles:

The 1994 Mustang got the first complete redesign since 1979 in this 30th Anniversary of the Mustang. The body styles were reduced from three to two by combining the fox body notchback coupe and hatchback into a sloped back coupe reminiscent of the 1960's Mustang fastback body style. Overall body styling changed by adding general curves and bringing back the side coves and front grille pony. All body trim was removed, the rear tail lights wrapped flush with the body, and continuing a tradition started in 1987, the rear bumper embossed with the Mustang letters to tell everyone that a Mustang has just sped past you. Another big change in 1994 was the replacement of the unpopular base level 4 cylinder engine with a 3.8 liter V6. The GT sports package came for both the coupe and convertible but added a 5.0 liter V8. An unusual convertible option was a removable hardtop which ended up on only about 500 of the 1994 and 1995 models. The SVT Cobra came in the same coupe and convertible but added a new front fascia with integrated fog lamps, Cobra snake emblems, a custom rear spoiler with built-in LED stop lamps, better handling, and upgrades to the V8 engine allow for 25 more horsepower. The 1994 Indianapolis used a Rio Red SVT Cobra convertible as its Pace Car allowing Ford to create a special run of pace car replicas. In 1994 Larry Shinoda, original designer of the 1969 Mustang Boss, started modifying Mustang GT's and SVT Cobras.

1994 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

* GT only
** Also Cobra colors

1994 Mustang Engine Codes:

1994 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Manufacturer: 1FA = Ford Motor Company USA Ford Passenger Car

Safety: L = Driver/Passenger Air Bags

P40 = Coupe
P42 = Coupe GT, Cobra
P44 = Convertible
P45 = Convertible GT, Cobra, Pace Car

4 = 3.8L 145hp V6
T = 5.0L 215hp V8
D = 5.0L 240hp V8 Cobra

Check Digit: 0-9 or X

Year: R = 1994

Assembler: F = Dearborn, Michigan

Unit Number: 1994 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

1994 Mustang Special Models:

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