Data for 1986:

1986 Mustang Body Styles:

1986 Mustang marked the last year of the SVO and its turbo charged 4 cylinder engine, due to government regulations a third break light added, two gray and two blue colors were removed, and number of engine options dropped to the 4 cylinder with and without turbo, a V6, and a redesigned high output V8. The redesigned V8 had a multi-port fuel injection system. 1986 had its largest production year since 1979 with 224,410 cars built which has not been beat since.

1986 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

1986 Mustang Engine Codes:

1986 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Manufacturer: 1FA = Ford Motor Company USA Ford Passenger Car

Safety: B = Active Seat Belts

P26 = Coupe
P27 = Convertible
P28 = Hatchback

A = 2.3L 88hp 4-Cyl
T = 2.3L 200hp Turbo 4-Cyl SVO (later)
3 = 3.8L 120hp V6
M = 5.0L 210hp V8 HO

Check Digit: 0-9 or X

Year: G = 1986

Assembler: F = Dearborn, Michigan

Unit Number: 1986 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

1986 Mustang Special Models:

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