Data for 1972:

1972 Mustang Body Styles:

1972 Mustang body design was virtually the same as the 1971 with the same grille choices of a corralled horse with large horizontal bar or the smaller horse logo on the red, white, and blue tri-bar plague. Bumpers could be either Chrome or color-matched to the car. The Boss 351 from the previous year did not return, but the Mach 1 fastback and the Grande hardtop coupe remained. A patriotic "A" package known as the Sprint Decor option appeared midyear which started with a white body, then added light medium-blue paint to the lower perimeter and two blue hood stripes, and had red pin-striping between the white and blue. The Sprint option also had a color matched white and blue seats and carpets, white walled tires, and a 1972 Olympic flag decal on the rear fender. A "B" Sprint package had mag-type wheels. The Sprint option came mainly on the fastbacks and hardtops but a rare 50 convertibles were built for use in the Washington DC, Cherry Day parade. New color glow paint options where also available in 1972 of "Gold Glow" and "Ivy Glow" which was $34 extra.

1972 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

*Special order only
1C-Black was not a standard color for the 1972 Mustang.

1972 Mustang Engine Codes:

Engine manufacturers began using Net instead of Gross for measuring power. Gross Horsepower was measured using a blueprinted test engine running on a stand without accessories, mufflers, or emissions control devices. In 1971-2 automakers began to specify power in terms of SAE Net Horsepower (as defined by standard J1349). Net Horsepower is measured with the engine in "as-installed trim", with all accessories and standard intake and exhaust systems. This was done to reduce the advertised power for insurance rates and to account for different approaches to emission reduction equipment.

1972 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Year: 2 = 1972

Assembler: F = Dearborn Michigan

01 = Hardtop
02 = Fastback
03 = Convertible
04 = Hardtop Grande
05 = Fastback Mach-1

L = Standard 95hp 250ci 6-Cyl
F = Optional 136hp 302ci V8
H = Optional 168hp 351ci 2V V8
Q = Optional Cobra Jet 248hp 351ci 4V V8
R = Optional HO 275hp 351ci V8

Unit Number: 1972 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

1972 Mustang Special Models:

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