Data for 1971:

1971 Mustang Body Styles:

In 1971 the Mustang was designed to be more muscular (lower, wider, and heavier than any previous models). The "corralled" mustang appeared once again but on a headlight incorporated full-width grille. The fastback had a flatter roof and the hardtop had a recessed rear window ("tunnel backlight"). They where 2.1 inches longer and 3 inches wider than the 1970 (7.1 inches, 6.8 inches over the 1965). And average weights where 500 pounds heavier. The main reasons for all of this: more engine compartment room for the more powerful engines and more room for passengers. The base engine became the 145hp (250ci) inline six cylinder. The new body design allowed for a larger engine but ironically this was the last year for the Mustang big block, the 429 cubic inch V8. The larger grille horse and corral could be optionally changed with the 1969 smaller horse on a red, white and blue tri-bar. Chrome bumpers, fenders, and hood moldings where standard except on the Mach 1 and Boss. The Mach, Boss and Grande options were available. This was the last year for the Boss 351.

1971 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

1971 Mustang Engine Codes: