Data for 1966:

1966 Mustang Body Styles:

"Mustang! Fastest million a new car ever had. And here's the sale to kick off the second million. Hardtops, convertibles and fastbacks..." was the Mustang advertisement for the beginning of production for the 1966. Mustang offered "Millionth Mustang Sale" promotion personalized nameplates and for $4.95 motorized Mustang GT toy cars. After only 3 model years; in 1966, Mustang became the third best-selling individual nameplate in American industry. Changes included a floating "corral" around the Mustang horse on the grille; "three-toothed comb" trim on the side coves (convertible & hardtop only); a new instrument panel; and federally mandated safety items such as seat belts, padded instrument panel, flashers, and electric windshield wipers and washers. One of the new options was an Interior Decor Group for $94.13 which included four Mustang horses branded into the seat vinyl commonly referred to as the "Pony" interior. Base model prices were $2488 for the hardtop, $2519 for the fastback, and $2650 for the convertible. Engines offered where the 120hp(200ci 6-cylinder), 200hp(289ci V8), 225hp(289, V8), and 271hp(289, high-performance V8).

1966 Mustang Paint Color Codes:

*Shelby GT-350 only (AGMRT all GT-350 color codes)

1966 High Country Special colors

1966 Millionth Anniversary Edition

1966 Mustang Engine Codes:

1966 Mustang VIN Decoder:

Year: 6 = 1966

F = Dearborn Michigan
R = San Jose, California
T = Metuchen, New Jersey

07 = Hardtop
08 = Convertible
09 = Fastback

T = Standard 120hp 200ci 6-Cyl
C = Optional 200hp 289ci 2V V8
A = Optional 225hp 289ci 4V V8
K = Optional High Perf 271hp 289ci V8

Unit Number: 1966 Mustangs start at 100001

The VIN number is found under the hood on top of the driver's side fender apron. Under the hood.

1966 Mustang Special Models: