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2021 Saleen Mustang

Saleen Mustang

The 2021 Saleen Mustang comes in three levels, the White Label now has 500hp, the Yellow Label has 745hp, and the Black Label is 800hp. New to 2021 is a redesign fo the Saleen front fascia, Saleen hood vents, Saleen b-pillar accent, Saleen side skirts with Saleen high gloss accent and Saleen high downforce rear differs with Saleen gloss accent. For the wheels the Saleen S-slotted rotors and brakes pads have been updated. There is also new optional Racing Heritage Stripes and Heritage Collection exterior paint colors combined with trim accent colors.

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Saleen Mustang
This is a copy of the 2021 Features and Specifications sales brochure for the 302 Saleen Mustang. Three performance levels include the 500hp White Label, 740hp Yellow Label, and 800hp Black Label. The horsepowers are higher than the 2020 Saleen except for the Yellow Label which remains the same. This page shows the standard equipment which is a combination of the Mustang GT which is used as the base level car, and Saleen upgrades. New features include the 5.0L engine, Saleen front fascia, Saleen hood vents, Saleen B-pillar accent, auto headlamps, Saleen 5-slotted brake rotors, Saleen performance brake pads, dual zone electronic automatic temperature control, and satin chrome four gauge cluster and register vents. More new features are listed on the other pages. 2021 is a wonderful year for the Saleen Mustang!!!

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Grabber Yellow Saleen Mustang
This is a 2021 S302 Yellow Label Saleen Mustang in Grabber Yellow exterior paint. Under the hood is a 740hp Saleen Supercharged 5.0L 4-valve DOHC V8 engine with high volume intercooler water pump with remove external heat exchanger, 47 lbs fuel injectors, high performance air filter, cold air inductions, and Saleen 3 inch exhaust with high performance mufflers.

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