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1975 50th Anniversary Mustang

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Mexican built coupe commemorating 50 years of Mexican built cars. These special cars have a dash plaque that says 1925-1975 Modelo Aniversario followed by an identification number. Similar Anniversary editions were offered on each Ford model built in Mexico.

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Examples of a 1975 50th Anniversary Mustang
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Medium Chestnut Orange 50th Anniversary
Raise your hand if you've ever seen (or heard of) this one. It's a 1975 Mustang II 50th Anniversary Mexican built coupe. It was built at the Ford assembly plant in Mexico and commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Mexican built Ford cars. They have a dash plaque that says '1925-1975 Modelo Aniversario' then a ID number of 171. This car has had a repaint and the seats and headliner were redone. The hood scoop may be added. Looking around the net, Ford Mexico offered a similar Anniversary edition on each of their models. I found an LTD with the same exterior/interior colors and dash plaque. If you have any further information about this car or the 50th Anniversary model, let us know.

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