Chantilly Beige Gold 1964 Mustang Convertible

Chantilly Beige 1964 Mustang convertible, right side with the top up.

Convertible Top Color: black
Interior Color: tan
Visible Options: hub caps wheel discs, white wall tires
VIN: 5*08U******
Owner: from Washington WA
Posted: 08/01/2007

Ford Options:
   170ci 1v 105hp 6-cylinder Engine
   4-Speed Manual Transmission (6-cyl)
   Rocker Panel Moldings
   Push Button Radio and Antenna
   14-inch Standard Wheel Covers (hub caps)

Viewer Comments:
   ozziedog: I also had a 64 mustang convertible with a 170 6 cylinder and 4 speed transmission. I sold the car in 1975 for $300. I was told after I sold the car that there were less than 50 sold with this combination. Do you know this to be true as I may be able to relocate the car. Thanks DWO [Editor: in general very little value is added for rarity of option groups, popularity of option groups today is more valuable. Think about ordering a Mustang with the "Engine Delete" option... You would have a one-of-a-kind, but it wouldn't be worth much. Keep checking on-line car ads, a similar will eventually come up for sale.]