Sunlight Yellow 1964 Mustang Convertible

The engine is the D-code 289 4bbl V8. This one looks showroom clean.

Convertible Top Color: white
Interior Color: black
Visible Options: D-code engine, ac air conditioning, power brakes
Owner: from Illinois IL
Posted: 06/30/2012

Viewer Comments:
   YLstang: This is a 289 4V not a 389 as states in the post and a 289 2V was not available in 64, the 2V 289 was not available until the actual 65 model. Some people will claim a 2V 289 with an alternator as a 64 1/2 year model. In 64 if it had a 2V it was a 260. In 64 all 289's were 4V with a generator, if your car has a factory alternator it is a 65, not a 64 1/2. My 64 1/2 I have updated to an alternator with integral regulator as I was tired of the dead battery all the time with a generator. [Editor: thanks for the correction]