Vintage Burgundy 1964 Mustang Hardtop

Under the hood is this 289 4V V8 engine. It was originally rated at 220 horsepower in the owners manual as Roy points out below in his comments.

Interior Color: black
Visible Options: D-code V8
VIN: 5F07D138694
Owner: Roy Ratliff ( from Maple Valley Washington WA
Posted: 02/15/2009

Ford Options:
   289ci 4v 210hp V8 Engine
   4-Speed Manual Transmission (V8)
   Rally-Pac Instrumentation (clock and tach pods)
   Push Button Radio and Antenna
   Full Length Center Console
   14-inch Standard Wheel Covers (hub caps)

Viewer Comments:
   Roy: It was originally rated at 220 Hp as indicated in my original owners manual, not 210 as is commonly reported.