Gold 1967 Mustang Fastback
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This Vehicle Certification Tag (data plate) is located on the rear inside end of the driver's side door. It's has blue paint on it. I bet this car was painted blue at one time. The Vehicle Identification Number can also be found on this plate - in the upper left corner. Down the middle from left to right is information of how the car was configured when it was first assembled. The 63 is for the fastback body style while the A is for the bucket seats. The next letter, the paint color, is hidden in the silver area before the 2A. It is too hard to make out. The 2 is for the standard bucket seats in A black vinyl. The next part is the build date of 14th of K October. 71 is the Los Angeles, California DSO who ordered the car. It seems to be missing the axle code, but the W is for the C-4 automatic transmission. Not sure what the O before the W is for.

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