1995 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
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The Mustang GT is featured on this double-page of the 1995 Ford Mustang promotional booklet. The photo shows a Bright Blue clearcoat metallic Mustang GT. It says, The basic idea behind the Ford Mustang GT can be expressed quite nicely in the old saying: the shortest distance between two points is a straight light. A straightforward, no-nonsense approach to delivering a large infusion of driving excitement over a very short distance, and very quickly - this is what the Mustang GT is all about, pure and simple. 5.0-Liter SEFI V-8 Power 5.0 liters of high-torque V-8 muscle are transmitted to the road by way of a rear-wheel drivetrain with Ford's Traction-Lok axle. Choose the standard 5-speed manual transmission or the optional electronically controlled 4-speed automatic. Forged steel connecting rods, double roller timing chain, tuned stainless steel tubular headers and dual exhausts are among the many proven high-performance components. There's plenty of high-tech hardware, too, such as a sequential electronic fuel-injection system that's governed by computer control technology similar to that used in many Ford racing applications. Sport-Performance Handling The GT excels not only in straight-line performance but in handling as well. The tuned sports suspension, equipped with tubular anti-sway bars and horizontally mounted rear axle dampers, is engineered to deliver directional stability and tight cornering capability. What's more, the P225/55ZR16 tires give the GT exciting road-gripping capability to go along with its great handling precision. And for the ultimate in GT handling agility, choose the 245/45ZR17 tires - the lowest-profile design ever fitted to a Mustang.

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