1995 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
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The Mustang convertible is featured on this double-page of the 1995 Ford Mustang promotional booklet. The photo shows a Black clearcoat Mustang GT convertible. It says, There was a free-spirited convertible the very first day the Mustang rolled off the assembly line back in 1964. Today's Mustang convertible, while capturing all the fun-loving, open-air driving spirit of the original, is far and above the best ever in design and manufacturing. It's equipped with some great convenience features, too. "In-house Assembly The Mustang convertible is built as a convertible from the start. Unlike convertibles that begin as hardtop coupes and are modified by specialist companies after production, the Mustang convertible is built with the Mustang coupe model right on the same assembly line. And special reinforcements such as X-brace under the engine compartment and heavier gauge steel in the rocker panels - these features, too, contribute to the convertible's structural integrity and comfort. And Other Great Features The "stack height" of the top when lowered is almost flush with the top of the doors, presenting a sleeker look. To help prevent damage to the top, you can raise or lower it when the parking brake is set. The rear window glass, no plastic; and defroster is optional. Cloth headliner is standard, as are power windows and door locks and remote-control decklid release. And an easy-to-install semi-hard boot. The Mustang convertible. There's nothing else like it under the sun.

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