Dark Jade Green 1978 Mustang II Hatchback Promotional Sales Brochure
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Page 7 of the 1978 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows a Dark Jade Mustang II hatchback. The text for this photo reads: Getting away from an ordinary day is as easy as 2+2! The Mustang II 3-Door 2+2 makes getting away from it all a snap. The rear liftgate opens wide and the rear seats fold down to easily store luggage, skis, fishing gear, golf clubs, you name it. In all, there's a big 22.8 cu. ft. of carrying space. That's impressive. So, too, is the fact that four passengers can get away in style. Shown in Dark Jade metallic (Code 46), 2+2 standard features include Black-out grille, four white painted styled steel wheels, bias belted raised white-letter (or WSW) tires, brushed aluminum instrument panel appliques, and non-leather wrapped Sport Steering Wheel. Also standard is a 2.3 litre 2V overhead cam engine and 4-speed on the floor manual transmission, to give you both performance and very good gas mileage. Should you desire more power, there's an optional 2.8 litre 2V V-6 (2.8VV in Calif.)(standard on Mach 1) and 5.0 litre (302 CID) 2V V8 (5.0 VV in Calif.) So make this your year to break loose, kick up your heels and let Mustang II 2+2 take you away from an ordinary day. See your Ford Dealer today and let Mustang II 2+2 put you where you want to be. The 2+2 began with the fastback Mustang in 1965 meaning 2 in the front seat plus 2 in the rear seat.

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