Black 2008 Mustang Shelby GT-500 Coupe
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This Black with black stripes 2008 GT500 is owned by me and is our Attitude Of The Month for the month of August 2012. Some notes on taking a good photo of your car. I am no expert photographer but after posting tens of thousands of car photos, we've seen some things which work best. Put down the windows to reduce extra glare, turn on your headlights to brighten up the grille, get the whole car in the shot, try different angles, both high and low, take your time and hold your camera really still, avoid the use of cell phone cameras, and take a good look at your background, are there cleaning supplies there? did you leave out the water hose from cleaning your car? how about the neighbors garbage cans, a car cover, or a blue tarp? is your kid in the background picking his nose? Although pets in the photo is cool.

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