Medium Chestnut Orange 1975 Mustang II 50th Anniversary Coupe Paperwork
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This is the invoice for this 50th Anniversary 1975 Mustang II coupe. It has the 5M paint code for Medium Chestnut.
The main part is written in spanish as;
"Automovile nuevo, Marca FORD MUSTANG, Modelo 1975, Tipo Hard Top, Motor de 8 cilindros NUMERO AF01RL-32633, Direccion hidraulica, Asiento trazero tipe abatible, Cuberta exterior de vinilo, Radio y antena, Conjuncto de luces de cortesia, Transmission automatica Llantas CR70-13 radiales letras BCA, Parabrisas y cristales sombreados, Paquete 50 aniversario, Conjunto de comodidad, Estuche de herramienta, En la cantidad de 30% impuesto s/Ingresos Mercantiles".
In English this means;
"New automobile, mark FORD MUSTANG, model 1975, type hard top, 8-cylinder engine number AF01RL-32633, power steering, back seat folding type, outer cover of vinyl, radio and antenna, courtesy, transmission assembly automatic, tires CR70-13 radial letters BCA, windscreen and windows shaded, package 50 anniversary, comfort set, tool kit, in the amount of 30% tax income business."

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