Red Candy 2010 Mustang GT Convertible
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Red Candy 2010 Mustang GT convertible owned by Luc from Canada. It has the 4.6L 315hp V8 engine and an automatic transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 2, 2013. Luc tells us, "I bought my Mustang off the internet from a dealer in Toronto. I didn't sign before test drive and virtual fell in love right away - the sound of the V8 and the new look. I only drive it in the summer and its still like new. I can't wait for summer. I have added stripes to my Mustang in 2012. I could not find anything on the internet or any custom shops, so I designed my own. I have had many comments about them and I am glad to say that most people like it. Hope you guys like them too!"

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