1982 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
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A spirited answer to today's driving needs.
Since its introduction in September, 1978, the new-design Mustang has dominated the small specialty car segment of the American market with over 634,000 sales! It's easy to see why. Mustang is a highly efficient mode of transportation and it gets you where you're going in style. Mustang makes you feel good.
Mustang for '82 comes in two body styles, the more formal notchback 2-door with conventional rear seat or the racy-looking fastback 3-door with fold-down rear seat (and cargo space for over 32 cu. ft. of gear). There are four levels of Mustang fun for you to choose from: L, GL, GLX, and GT. Pick any one and you'll be putting Mustang spirit into your lifestyle.

This page shows all the standard and popular features of each options package. The best year was 1966 with 607,568 Mustangs sold. The next best years was 559,451 in 1965; 472,121 in 1967, 385,993 in 1973; then 369,936 in 1979. The next year; 1983, will turn out to be the lowest number sold up to that year with 120,873. See our complete list of all Mustangs sold by year.

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