Medium Yellow 1982 Mustang Hatchback Promotional Sales Brochure
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Mustang covers you from simmer to sizzle! says the first inside page of the 1983 Ford Mustang promotional booklet. This is a Medium Yellow 3-door Mustang GL hatchback with t-roof and forged metric aluminum wheels. The rest of the text reads: Exciting - sporty, versatile. Mustang defies description and runs on a road of its own. Go with the 2-door, trim and sporty. Go with the 3-door, sleek and versatile. Both with a long list of standard equipment and a wealth of optional equipment that'll let you "create" a Mustang of your own. Everything from flip-up roofs and T-Roofs that'll cool you off, to 5-speeds and a hot new V-8 that'll warm a performance-minded heart. Get into an '82 Ford Mustang and get going!

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