Screaming Yellow 2006 Boss Shinoda Mustang Convertible
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This 4.6L (302ci) engine puts out 835 horsepower and 733 foot-pounds of torque. It has a Vortech Supercharger. Modifications include: forged steel Stroker crankshaft with 3.75 stroke, Manley forged I-beam rods, Manley forged pistons, SHM moly rings, F-M Trimetal main and rod bearings, ARP main bolts, 2007 GT oil pump and pickup tube, 3 angle ported cylinder heads, CC 127350 camshafts, CC 26125-24 springs with CC steel 700-24 retainers, stainless intake valves, Inconel exhaust valves, 2007 GT timing components, VCT sensors, 2007 GT hydraulic lash adjusters, ARP head studs, and powdercoated valve covers.

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