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6-Wheel Racing Mustang?
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This is Sean Mattingly's vision of a radical six-wheeled V14 powered Mustang built for racing. Any modifications Sean? Sean explains, "Does it have any interesting modifications? No, there are none. I started with an elf-sponsored 2008 Tyrrell Mustang. It comes with six wheels already. I don't see anything unusual about that, do you? Really, I made this one night as a tribute to the Formula One car that was the most radical F1 car ever to have raced starting in 1976. While the original race car had a Ford V8, this one has been upgraded to a V14. What the heck - the hood was long enough to allow an engine with more cylinders. Enjoy this six-wheeled mental exercise that would turn everyone's head if it ever hit the streets."

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Interior Color: black
Visible Options: spoiler
Owner: Sean Mattingly ( ) from Anderson Indiana IN
Posted: 11/03/2008


'Elf' Barclay : I saw the original Tyrrell F1 car at a race in 1977. It was fast, but they were having some problems with it on the track. For an aerodynamic advantage, the four front wheels were smaller than the rears. And the small wheels in front had little disc brakes that were overheating. I heard that they recently restored two of the six-wheeled race cars. They are quite an unusual sight to see!
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