Grabber Orange 1970 Mustang Grabber Fastback
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Paul's Mustang was featured in the March 1989 edition of "Fabulous Mustangs and Exotic Fords". The text states, "Even though car enthusiasts can be as different as the vehicles they build and drive, most of them fall into two groups. The build 'em and sell'em group who are always trading cars and working on a new project, and the "I'll keep it forever" crowd who have had the same car for as long as you've known them. Paul belongs to the later category. When Paul was 17 years old, he took the savings from his paper route ($2750) down to the local Ford dealer and ordered a brand new 1970 Mustang Fastback. Eventually the time came to increase performance and Paul knew exactly what he wanted to do. Six years as a corner worker at Brainerd International Raceway had him hooked on road racing, and now he wanted to play too. Wanting a 7000-rpm redline, Paul had a truck block bored 0.010-over, and filled the holes with 10.5:1 TRW pistons. Topping the bores are ported, polished and cc'd 302 heads with 1.94 and 1.60-inch swirl polished valves that are controlled by an Isky cam with a 0.476-inch lift and 290 degrees duration. An Edlebrock F4B dual plane intake distributes fuel from a 780-cfm Holley carb, while a Jacobs electronic ignition, wires and coil fire the plugs. Headman headers clear the leftovers into a pair of Califorina Turbo mufflers. An oil cooler helps the bearings survive long races..."

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