1966 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
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Mustang GT Here's where you can really let yourself go. Choose your Mustang - Hardtop, Convertible or 2+2 - and make it a Mustang GT with the GT Equipment Group! Distinctive GT Identity and Conveniences: GT badges on front fenders. GT stripe (like Ford's GT racing car) running front to rear along the lower body. A pair of 4-inch fog lamps (clear lenses) mounted in the grille. Distinctive GT Power: You can have either the hot 225-hp Challenger Special V-8 (10 to 1 comp. ratio, 4-barrel carb., hydraulic lifters) or a real scorcher, the 271-hp Cobra V-8 (10.5 to 1 comp. ratio, 4-barrel carb., solid lifters). Both engines in Mustang GT's come equipped with special low-restriction dual exhaust systems. And chrome flared tailpipe extensions tell the onlookers what's under the hood! Distinctive GT Performance: Special Handling Package (tauter suspension, faster steering) plus fade-resisting front disc brakes gives you a kind of precise control you never thought possible in an American car! Options to go with the GT Group? Of course! Rally Pac, 4-speed stick, 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic, styled steel wheels... and nearly all the Mustang options described in preceding pages!.

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