1965 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure
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Mustang Fastback 2+2 The Fastback 2+2 comes on bold with style you'd expect only from Europe and only at very high prices. But this one's a Mustang, with the kind of low Ford price that has made Mustang so popular. Luxury with versatility comes in double handfuls. Silent-Flo Ventilation draws in a stream of fresh air with all windows closed. (Stale air, tobacco smoke exit out the louvers.) In the rear, the 2-passenger deep-foam seat folds down into a 35 x 41-in. platform, more than tripling luggage space! The big 10-sq. ft. "skylight" window is tinted glass to cut sun glare. A new standard 120-hp, 200-cu in. Six is quick and strong... a quality thoroughbred, smooth as a jewel with its 7-main-bearing crankshaft. Thrifty, too, the Six is just one of many "savers" standard in Mustangs. Twice-a-Year Maintenance... self-adjusting brakes, aluminized muffler... plus all the other service savings pioneered by Ford. Any wonder that Mustangs are so easy to fall in love with?

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