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TODAY'S RESULTS 8/16/2022...
(from the 2012_00057_03 Collection) Here is an additional Ford promotional photo of a Red Race 2012 Boss 302 with white stripe, hood, and roof accents.

(from the 2012_00052_01 Collection) Ford promotional photo of a Competition Orange 2012 Mustang Boss 302 which has the 412hp, 302ci, V8 engine; sport lower front splitter, blocked out grille mounted fog lamps, 19 inch black alloy wheels, interior sport features, and 302 graphics. The Mustang Boss 302 comes in Race Red, Competition Orange, Performance White, Kona Blue metallic, or Yellow Blaze tri-Coat metallic with black or white side stripe, rear spoiler, hood cowl, and roof. Availability will be spring 2011. Stay tuned for more photos.

(from the 2012_00051_01 Collection) Ford has released photos of the limited edition, two seat, race track version of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca coupes which feature the 2011 Mustang GT 302ci V8 engine with more aggressive control calibration resulting in 440 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque. Also included is many of the handling and performance features of the 2011 Mustang Boss 302R and many unique interior and exterior features. This car will be available in Spring of 2011.

(from the 2012_00001_01 Collection) This amazing Yellow Blaze 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is owned by Pete and Cheri Dahlgren of Washington and was our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 8th, 2011. Pete and Cheri had their 2012 Boss parked next to their Bright Yellow 1969 Boss 302 at the 2011 Spring Mustang and Cougar car show sponsored by the North Olympic Mustangs and Cougar club in Port Angeles, Washington.

(from the 2012_00022_02 Collection) The GT-350 looks great down low. The mesh in the grille is also in the lower grille opening and hood scoop.

(from the 2012_00053_02 Collection) Nice action shot of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302.

(from the 2012_00037_04 Collection) Here they all are in a row, all 2012 Boss 302 Mustangs. From front to back is Race Red, Competition Orange, Performance White, and then Competition Orange.

(from the 2012_00027_05 Collection) Kona Blue 2012 Mustang Club Of America coupe, front end view. Nice grille!

(from the 2012_00051_04 Collection) Rear view of a Black 2012 Mustang Boss Laguna Seca limited edition coupe. The rear decklid badge has the outline of the Laguna Seca track where Parnelli Jones won the 1970 Trans-Am season opener in a Boss 302.

(from the 2012_00021_03 Collection) Race Red 2012 Mustang Shelby GT-350 convertible, left side view. Check out the wide open wheels.

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