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2008 TOP TEN Viewer Rated Photos
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TODAY'S RESULTS 10/20/2021...
(from the 2008_00061_02 Collection) Grabber Orange 2008 Mustang GT with aftermarket Boss kit, front end view.

(from the 2008_00041_04 Collection) 2008 Grabber Orange Shelby Mustang GT-500 coupe, left side view.

(from the 2008_00025_07 Collection) Right front view of a Dark Highland Green 2008 Mustang Bullitt coupe.

(from the 2008_00013_02 Collection) Grabber Orange 2008 Roush 428-R Mustang, left side view showing of its 18 inch cast Roush wheels.

(from the 2008_00071_01 Collection) Grabber Orange with silver stripes 2008 Mustang Shelby GT California coupe with a Ford Racing Power upgraded Mustang GT 4.6 liter V8 engine. The 2008 Mustang Shelby GT-C was limited to about 300 cars and is different from the Vista Blue 2008 Mustang Shelby GT only by its exterior colors. The Shelby GT also has the Ford Racing handling package, performance x-pipe exhaust, Hurst short throw shifter kit, 3.55:1 rear axle, Shelby front and rear fascia, side scoops, 18 inch premium wheels, and the Shelby appearance package which includes a hood scoop, hood pins, upper and lower grille with no fog lamps, and Shelby emblems and badging.

(from the 2008_00015_02 Collection) Dark Candy Apple Red 2008 Mustang Saleen H302 coupe, front end view. Added to the Mustang factory paint are a black out hood, side stripe, and back deck lid.

(from the 2008_00033_03 Collection) Right front view of a Grabber Orange 2008 Shelby Mustang GT-500 coupe.

(from the 2008_00093_01 Collection) Torch Red 2008 AJ Foyt Mustang GT coupe with black stripes, a special body kit; window louvers; rear window u-trim; painted mirrors; high flow exhaust, stainless steel grille with fog lamps, custom 20 inch wheels, A.J. Foyt graphics, custom fuel door, drilled and slotted rotors, HP brake pads, Roush cold air intake, Ford Racing suspension, custom A.J. Foyt leather seats, serialized badging, and a Hurst short throw shifter. This AJ Foyt Mustang does not have a supercharger. We have many AJ Foyt Mustangs on this site.

(from the 2008_00101_01 Collection) Vista Blue 2008 Roush 428R Mustang coupe based on the Roush Stage3 with the Roush four piece body kit (front fascia, front chin spoiler, hood scoop, rear wing), Roush 18 inch cast chrome wheels and high performance tires, Roush braking system, Roush 427R white striping kit, Roush upgraded suspension system, and ROUSHcharged 4.6 liter powertrain system producing 435hp and 400ft-lbs of torque.

(from the 2008_00068_06 Collection) Serge Therrien from Canada sends us another shot of his Grabber Orange 2008 Mustang GT/CS convertible. It's parked next to a P51 Mustang! This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting April 30, 2008. Yes, Serge's car was also featured as Attitude Of The Week back in 2015, but you must admit, this is an awesome photo.

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